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[Poll]Biggest Spam Section


Which is the biggest spam section?except itself  

37 members have voted

  1. 1. Which is the biggest spam section?except itself

    • L2OFF
    • L2J
    • Exploits
    • Bot
    • Wow
    • Cs

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what about this topic ?


what about your reply?


On Topic ( Again :P )


I will rank them for you..


No.1 Exploits Section


No.2 L2J


No.3 L2OFF


Exploits, 1/3 of the spam that forum have comes from that section.


HoHo you haven't seen the greek one. ;P

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Exploits..Especially the greek ones...Full of spam everyday...We're trying to keep it clean but we can't...Everyday they spam like devils..

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HoHo you haven't seen the greek one. ;P


O'rly? I can say that 1/5 of my deletes come from greek exploit section (every day people tell me by msn, delete those replys with 1 word like "ty/ good/ omg" :/)

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O'rly? I can say that 1/5 of my deletes come from greek exploit section (every day people tell me by msn, delete those replys with 1 word like "ty/ good/ omg" :/)



Also we are proud of having wanna be moderators who say : LOCK THIS MOVE IT JUNK IT

But it doesn't stop there..We also got people who have a 2nd ego ( they start a post and then replying to the own)

There is more! Everyone there thinks he is right and never listens to others' opinion so 1/2 of the topics' pages are off topic cause of the discussion people who don't agree have. :D

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Exploits & Bots help. Pliz mang, me nedz hax fo trade bug, mi need bot to farm pliez meng!!1

It might sound retarded , but some guys only come here to request exploits/hacks that don't even exist.

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because i cannot choose i vote for every section!


L2 mod full of spam

L2 off full of spam , too, with topics which asks for developers

L2J the same

L2 GR exploits full of newbie members who hunt the posts!

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    • Haha yeah, it's been a long time coming. I don't have enough time to finish the project quickly, but I've been working on it steadily whenever there's time. It's built using Emca's H5 extender,   It would take a lot of time listing out the different features, so I'll paste some info from discord. I don't mean to hijack this thread, but since you asked, here it is:     I'll get around to finishing it. Someday.        
    • This is the most stupid requirement. I said it from the start, and maxtor has nothing better to do than removing my post. Guess that's how he deals with critic.   Anyway, I'll post again my critic, just to see it getting removed as fast as Usain Bolt runs.   If a website is not allowed, will discord disallowed too? As it's equivalent to a forum. If this is the case, then it's even more retarded. Because how are people catching up all the infos, rankings etc.. ?   A website is definitely more appealing than a boring invision community forum with dozens of sections and nodes.   For me, this whole idea/concept sounds like another way to keep mxc alive. Like any other concept you came up with, which has never succeeded.   L2MxC (Opened like 3 times? Failed every time) You put that as a requirement, that people shouldn't have failed previous servers, yet your project failed a couple of times, where's the logic? Topsite It has been announced a couple of months ago, is in closed beta testing atm, no updates since then. Ad Banners on MxC Easily to block with any ad block available in the extension store, why do people still buy ad space on here? Not to forget that if servers join your network, and try to advertise, their ads are blocked right away. Forums/Nodes Maxcheaters obviously has too many forums/nodes/subnodes, mind putting some together, or remove the inactive ones. The browser/user experience on here is a torture.   Not to spread hate, but you should first fix other things, before you take another step forward.   Good luck anyway.  
    • it's an interesting idea but i dont think it's complete at the moment   what you offer: is ads on a forum aaaaand that's it what we have to give up: is our servers identity and our unique website correct me if i am wrong but...i dont know anyone who will agree to this trade i am not against it but you need to offer something more than ads
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