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Ok, I have a small trick here. Not something really useful, but I found it and according to the clues it can be called "bug"! :)


I was playing on L2 Evo, as usually, and I found this little trick.

It's on their Custom Shop.

Let's see what I mean.


It is supposed to be done if your inventory is full (80/80 on Evo).

If you go on the Custom Shop you can buy items even your inventory is full!

How can you do this? So simple... You can keep buying even if you have reach the maximum limit!

That's it!





Note: You can't trade anything if you have more than 80 items!

Note2: If you want to farm or obtain drops you won't be able!


P.S I said that it's useless, but it's still a bug.


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lol why u even hide it  ? its useless :S just let the newbies see these stuff, more than half of this forum is  blocked threads


You're right.

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