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interlude [L2J Interlude] L2Crystalworld


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Exp - x500

Sp - x500

Drop - x4

Adena - x700




Hero system

Olympiad System

Siege system

Augumentation system

Clan system

Geodata 90%

Heroes every 2 week

Raidboss announce system

Pvp color system (Needs to be implemented)

Active GM's

Many events daily

NO!!! Corruption

Buffs last 3hours

Spawn protection

PK Killers

Farm zones

Party Farm zones

Level zone (for 61-80lvl)

Auto learn skills

Interlude Areas

Interlude skills (Not 100% but we're working hard in order to fix them all)

.info command

Necron's Armor

Mordor Weapons




Item Store (NO RB Jewels)

NPC Buffer

Custom Store

Global Gatekeeper




Max +25 For weapons, 66% rate

Max +20 For Armors/Jewels, 60% rate (They are like this for server's balance)



Dear player,


We are an experienced staff that we'are only working for the server to be balanced and enjoyable. We want

the best for our players. Our server is located in Netherlands in one of the best Datacenters. You won't experience

any lag. Our staff is working hard every day, for bug fixing, implementing all interlude skills etc.

We also have a wonderful GM Staff that will always be there to help you & make many events.

Try us and you won't be disappointed. That's a promise.



L2Crystalworld site

L2Crystalworld's forum

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Well, basicaly server opened yesterday. We have added the server at hopzone but we still wait to be accepted. That's why server doesn't have any ppl online yet :/


Hopefuly we shall be added by tonight, and our population will grow. :)


Beta period will end tomorrow.



P.S: I'm in the staff too. I'm TheDarkMessenger.

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Remember also guys, it won't have lag at all. We're running on a very good dedicated machine.


  • AMD64 X2 4850E+ 2.8Ghz
  • 4096 MB DDR2 RAM
  • 500 GB 7.200 RPM
  • Windows server 2003 x32 bit




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