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[Guide]Bypass the IP Bans - Easy way


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Hello everyone.

Lately, I had some problems with IP Bans... I had to RR my modem every time. Boring and maybe dangerous for the modem.


For this reason I had to find something else, easy and with good results!


So, here I will present you a very nice program easy to use and a mini guide.


Ok, let's start! First of all you must download it!




1. Install it.

2. Now you don't have to have it ON/Connected. Turn it off.

3. If you get an IP Ban, enable it.

You can do it via this icon:


4. A new Browser window/tab will open having this:


5. Wait until you get the message that it's connected.

6. Log in normally!


Q: If I will get a new IP ban while I have the program connected?

A: Just disable it(click Disconnect/OFF) and then enable it again.


Just tested on L2 Evo and worked 100%.


I hope you will find it useful.

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Omg so awesome!


Can you connect after another IP ban and then another and another? Or this program gives you only 1 IP adress?

If you get an IP ban again, disconnect it and re-connect it.

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Another amazing share from you ;) I'm gonna use it but not now ^^

Thx for sharing it ;)


EDIT: 2.000 post !!! GrandPa ! :)

Thanks for your good words... Grandpa! ^^

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this 1 have more details and easyer understanding :D


+ that I searched, but I couldn't find something.


Anyway, if any mod believes that it needs to be locked ok...

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