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[Guide]How to avoid the exploit with destroyable items!

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I search about 2 hours,but i did not find any other same topic.

Well,the most of us know the phx's script that stucks every INT srv almost.

There is a very easy way to fix it.Without any compile or java mod :)


All you have to do is to make all items "not destroyable"


This script is for L2jdot.For other projects needs some edit!



Download it and execute to your sql^_^


Now,you are ok with that big prob!



Hope that it helped you!

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nop. they still can do it. with weapons / armors.


UPDATE armor SET destroyable=false;
UPDATE etcitem SET destroyable=false;
UPDATE weapon SET destroyable=false;
UPDATE custom_armor SET destroyable=false;
UPDATE custom_etcitem SET destroyable=false;
UPDATE custom_weapon SET destroyable=false;


now its complete :)

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Or just disable it from the config. OR add a flood protector ;)

Explain it a little :)


Delete items from invetory cause lag so the flood protector must be 60sec? if i put  10 sec i don't think that protect .... rigth?:D

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