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[Up-03.07.2010]How To Bypass The Anti-Phx Protection + Guides


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Thanks a lot... But what kind of exploits Should I look for... I mean... What should those do or sth ?


BTW I would like to give u +max Karma for your time and help


You can easly search for "phx exploit" or watch my first post, i have posted there some.

So, good luck !

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Look your system, it has nophx.dll, right? :P

Sorry error quote just for  : Quote from: Tatiana on June 22, 2009, 12:25:15 AM


>>>>What? if you delete the nophx.dll, l2.exe cannot be launched.<<<<


ok passe a passe

step 1 : Delete nophx.dll

step 2:download it:





step 3:unzip l2encodec in system  

step 4 :execute and write cmd

a MSDOS window will appear, enter in MSDOS window cd path where u have your system folder.

for instance:

cd C:\Program Files\Lineage II\system

then press enter, and then write patcher.exe -f

Wait until process is finished.

step 5: unzip l2disablenc_ct2pt2.rar in you system

done enoy


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That's just a client-side protection, useless because you can bypass it by just using another system.. as i said that's useless, what really matters is server-side protection and the truth is that you can't do anything with phx on deathwhisper (as i can see you took the screens from there).

Jeez! your server is so perfect... but with a forum that ppl tell you all the bugs and how to fix it, not hard ;D

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i cant download l2fileedit c4/c5 :/ who can upload l2fileedit for Interlude to rapidshare?


sorry for my english.


+added to the first post

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hahah thx for share..but not working no one method :((

It must work dude, maybe you do something wrong, pm me with the server wich you try for.

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man,i checked as many phx versions as i could in my pc,but none of them have these "buttons" you said we should press in the 1st method...can you send a link for your version?i tried the 2nd method but it says i have a havking tool and should close it before i enter the game..

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