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interlude [Interlude L2J]L2resurrection INTERLUDE server


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L2resurrection - Interlude server


Dinosaur world go out to you :)




Site: www.L2resurrection.pl

Forum: www.L2resurrection.pl/forum



Adena: x4

EXP: x4

SP: x4

Party SP: x4

Party EXP: x4

Drop: x4

Spoil: x4


For now server is testing and rates x1000, on 25.05.2009 will be online with rates x4..

Vote for us:










Server info:


- Auto chat filter (Jail 2min)

- Auto events: Team vs Team Event, Capture The Flag Event

- PK announcements

- Kill PK reward

- PVP announcements

- Max lvl to enter Cruma Tower is 56

- Auto ban for illegal software

- Duel System starts in Coliseum

- Automatyczne delete drop items after 10 min

- 1+1 Stack Subclass

- Shadows Items

- Chests box`s

- Herby

- Songi /Dance - czas trwania: 2 min

- Buffy - czas trwania 20 min

- No mana potions

- Cursed Weapons

- Subclass - quest

- Nobless - quest

- Safe enchant: +3

- Enchant rate: 50%

- Max enchant: +15

- Working Augmentation system

- Working Siege, Clan Hall

- Working Hero, Nobless

- Working Clan Skills

- Working Duel System

- Working 7 sings (Pełny)

- Dual Box is NOT allowed

- Geodata and patchnode


Serwer running on java L2DOT:






- Intel Quad Xeon 4x2.66

- RAM: 4 GB DDR2/DCH Black Dragon 800Mhz

- HDD: 300 GB

- Speed: 100Mb/s



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Helloo to all around.


First of all Im would like give credits to L2Dot Developers Team for his excelent work.

His pack is under testing mode so we hope it will be a really great one.

Before we can open the server for public traffic we have to avoid all negative supprises,for that reason

serve will staying Open Beta x1000 up to 25.05.2009

All new BETA players are wellcome well.Good luck.



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We have now new web desing special made for L2Resurrection.

New System Instalator ,visible drop/spoil,is ready for Grand opening 22.05.2009 at Fridays Weekend day.

We expect on start about 50-100 ppl - Retail x4 - Come to join us.



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