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Pro Chat Rooms V3.0.3 + Few Plugins

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Here is a list of the features included in the Pro Chat Rooms script. A wide range of additional plugins to enhance the Pro Chat Rooms features are also available. The Pro Chat Room script currently integrates with 26 content management systems including custom built management systems and databases.


» SFX (Sound Effects Module) - Admins can now define up to 18 custom sound effects that can be played in the chat room (eg. cry, burp, scream, etc).


» Beep on New Messages - Plays audio sound when new messages are displayed in the chat room.


» Adbot - Administrators can now enable/disable advertising bots to display text link advertisements in the main chat room windows.


a) Allows unlimited text adverts to be added and displayed.

b) Assign adverts to display in certain rooms only (eg. adult adverts in adult room only).

c) Define how often to display the adverts (eg. every 15 minutes).


» Advanced Private Chat System - Administrators can now define which individual users are allowed to access the private chat feature.


» Auto Idle - Sets users status to idle after admin defined period.


» Bandwidth Saver - Auto logs out idle users after admin defined period.


» Silence Users - Admins can now silence users for XXX seconds/minutes preventing them from typing messages. This provides the admins the ability to chat with specific users without the user being able to respond.


» Automated Installation - Installation couldnt be easier! The Pro Chat Rooms now includes a fully automatic installer to help assist during the initial setup.


» Gender Login (standalone versions only) - Chat room users can now choose their gender during login (eg. male/female or couple). This feature will automatically assign a male/female or couple avatar to appear alongside the users messages.


» Customisable Profiles - You can now customise the default header/footer for user profiles to match the look of your website.


» Guests & Members Rooms - This feature allows the administrator to restrict which rooms guests are allowed to access.


» Multiple Background Images - This feature allows administrators to assign different background images for each sub room.


» Multiple Language Support - This feature allows your users to choose their preferred language during login.


» Password Protected Chat Rooms - This feature allows admins to create unlimited private chat rooms with passwords.


» Guest Access (restrict features) - This feature allows the administrator to 'Enable/Disable' the following features for guests,


a) Private Chat

b) Private Whispers

c) Chat Room Messages

d) Share Files

e) Support Bell


Administrators can also restrict which features are available to members too.


» Choose Room Login - Users can now choose which chat room to login to on the Pro Chat Rooms login page.


» Enable/Disable Select Room Option - This feature allows you to use the Pro Chat Rooms as a single chat room.


» Force Login - This feature will force users to login to a specific room set by the administrator. When the 'Select Room' list is disabled this allows the Pro Chat Rooms to act as multiple 'single chat rooms'.


» Announcements - Chat room admins can now broadcast popup and on-screen announcements which appear in every chat room.


» Custom Smilies - This feature allows the administrator to assign up to 32 custom smilies/emoticons.


» Custom Avatars - This feature allows the administrator to assign up to 30 custom avatars.


» Audio Effects - Plays audio sounds on chat room entry/exit.


» Support Bell - Chat room users can ring a support bell to get the attention of other users.


» User Profiles - User profile system is built into the Pro Chat Rooms script which will allow users to create their own user profiles and upload images.


» MOTD - New 'message of the day' feature allows you to create different welcome messages for each of your chat rooms (accepts plain text and HTML).


» Customisable Language File - The Pro Chat Rooms script can now be translated to any language by editing the language file (default is ENGLISH).


» Flood Control - Prevents users flooding the chat rooms with messages. Requires users to wait XXX seconds between posts.


» Maximum Chat Room Users - Sets the maximum number of chat room users that are allowed to login at any one time. Displays 'chat room full' message when maximum chat room users number is exceeded.


» Maximum Message Length - Sets the maximum length of any message that a chat user is allowed to post.


» Custom Background Images - You can now add your own background image to the main chat room and private chat windows.


» Unlimited Chat Rooms - There are no limits to the amount of chat rooms that can be created by the chat room administration.


» Unlimited Users - As an ajax based browser application, the Pro Chat Rooms script has no limits to the amount of users who can use the chat rooms.


» Customisable Text - Users can personalise their chat messages by choosing from a wide range of styles, fonts and colours. Additional font styles and colours can be added by administrators.


» Custom Styles - You can redesign the chat room to match your websites existing colours by editing the style sheet.


» Private Chat - Users can chat privately to each other (without other users reading their messages) by using serveral methods. The first is a whisper type message which appears in the main chat room screen but cannot be seen by other users or alternatively, clicking a username in the userlist will launch a popup window where you will be able to chat privately away from the main chat rooms.


» Registered Users - This feature allows you to create a 'members only' based chat room login system (with optional guest login, where required). When enabled, members will need to register their username, password and email address to create a chat room membership. Only unique usernames and email address will be accepted. Lost password facilities (the option to retreive a users login details by email) are also included.


» Avatars - Users can assign avatars to appear alongside their messages in the chat room and private chat windows.


» Smilies - Smilies/Emoticons can be added to messages to provide additional fun.


» Multi Level Administration - Assign both Moderator and Administration status for users, providing you with 100% chat room management.


» Transcripts - All conversations are stored in a private user accessible transcripts for personal viewing or printing.


» IRC Commands - Chat room users can type special IRC type commands in the chat rooms like /block, /unblock, /action and /status. Each IRC command has its own operation. See the chat room help section for a more detailed explanation.


» CMS Profiles - The Pro Chat Rooms script currently integrates with 22 content management systems including custom built management systems and databases. This allows you to integrate your members existing profiles and automatically logs your members in without needing to enter their login details twice.


» Banning Options - Abusive users can be banned from using the chat rooms by either their IP or Username.


» View Online Users - Users can view who else is online and which chat room they are logged into on the login page.


» Bad Word Filter - Bad words can be filtered out of chat conversations and replaced by alternative text.


» Shout Filter - Prevents users from SHOUTING in the chat rooms by converting all messages to lower case charaters. Example: "HELLO!" becomes "hello!".


» Capitalize Filter - This feature capitalizes the first letter in chat messages. Example: "hello everyone..." becomes "Hello everyone...".


» Admin Control Panel - The Pro Chat Room script also includes an admin control panel area for viewing all chat room transcripts, users details, bans, creating new rooms, editing the chat room colours, emailing all members* (*for standalone versions only) and much more. Chat Room transcripts can be sent to your desktop printer.


Pro Chatroom V3.0.3


Upgrade pack:


Invisible Admins:


Plugin Share:





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Nothing is not ready . You have to do work to get something :)

huh... you know how much archive i has upload?

pff but if i pay to some host i will upload it tsak tsak... ;)

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huh... you know how much archive i has upload?

pff but if i pay to some host i will upload it tsak tsak... ;)


you are wrong , depends on your software you use to upload stuff at your host.

btw you can use a local program called xampp,apache and check w/e you want

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