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[GUIDE] Make ur own WOW SERVER 2.4.3 (easy)!


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Ok guys since Im really bored i thought i'd share this tutorial i found on the net with a bit  extra comment of mine  on how to setup your own World of Warcraft ManGoS server in  a few steps.

It's Easy if u follow the steps.


================ Concerning MY GUIDE ===============

This guide works 100%.

If u get errors it is becose u missed a step or u didnt configure something right.


I Will not give u directions on Further Developing of the server . u must find ur own way in all this.

- I will not Edit skills or Add items  or add new Npc.

If u wish to do that then u must do it on your own .








Required:  (install these Before u continue!)

1. World of Warcraft TBC 2.4.3 Client (installed on ur pc)

I assume u already have the game installed, if not go search it! it must be 2.4.3 version!


2. MangoS Server Pack 2.4.3

This repack uses a fully updated UDB and scriptdev2 by 711 .



3. Navicat (for editing stuff after)



4. Notepad ++ (for editing)





Install instructions:


1) Extract the repack to c:\, move the "maps" folder and "ad.exe" to C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\ (or wherever ur WOW is installed) and run ad.exe. ad.exe will start creating your MAPS, its gonna take a while. When it's done, move them back to ur MangoS folder.




2) Run "mysql.bat" then "restarter.exe" (these files are found in ur manGoS Folder)


width=640 height=421http://i36.tinypic.com/erfq1f.jpg[/img]


3. Setting up your Realmlist!

  • a) Go to your World of Warcraft folder, u will find there a file named  Realmlist.WTF.
    b) Open Notepad ++, Click on File> Open select ur realmlist.WTF click OPEN.us
    width=607 height=480
c) Edit like this: "Set realmlist" and run wow. Log in with username "0", "1", "2", or "3". The higher the number, the higher the GM level. Password is same as username.




Creating more accounts:

With the server running, select the mangosd window and type "create username password" to make a new account, "setbc username 1" to enable TBC, and "setgm username X" where X is 0, 1, 2 or 3.




Connecting to the database:


Run NAVICAT and log in to localhost ( with username 'root' and password 'root'.

width=626 height=480http://i34.tinypic.com/2pqno5d.jpg[/img]


Changing the realm name:

Open "realmlist" table in the "realmd" database and change the "name" cell to the desired realm name. Allowing others to connect to the server:

Open "realmlist" table in the "realmd" database and change the "address" cell to your external IP, then, if applicable, forward ports 3724 and 8085 on your router and/or firewall.

width=640 height=358http://i38.tinypic.com/wwnk47.jpg[/img]









2. Creature Lookup TOOL: (ur server must be up inorder to use this tool)



3. Teleport Codes for Mangos:







I can't extract the repack

You need to download winrar. Once it's installed, right click the archive and click "Extract Here".


The mysql console closes as soon as I open it.

You have another copy of MySQL running already. You need to disable or uninstall it before running the included mysql server. To do this, press ctrl+alt+del and click task manager. Open the "Processes" tab and sort by "image name". Find the one that starts with "MySQL", click it, and click End Process. If there is no other MySQL server running, you're getting another error.


Ad.exe isn't working/I can't extract my maps.

Make sure you followed Step 1 exactly. The /maps/ folder and ad.exe must be in /World of Warcraft/ to begin extraction, and be moved back to /MANGOS/ afterward for Step 2.


Special Thanx to Lord tom for the noobpack.

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Its not bad although its for an old version, nice share tho. Keep it up.


Agree. but it is a verry nice way for newb developers to start figuring out how things work.  Surery this has helped me alot understanding many things as it comes to running private servers.  Private servers to me were a myth.. but i do understand that inorder to have one u must have a database Emulator datapack a basic file editor as Notepad++ is and a client of the game ... the rest is keeping up with the emu devs releases and bug fixes and using ur brains to develop simple tasks such ass  adding new NPCs and editing skills :)

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