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Well hello Guys .

This scripts made by Corsar from MegaTeam Coders studio ,

also ALEKSSOFT shared the russian version you can find it if you use search.

Have fun guys.

We are working on new FREE skins , and also we have a premium Skins for it ,

you can send me an a request for a new theme . Remember we make the things YOU want !


Remember PREMIUM skins are allways better than free .



M-Team Studio members list.


Napas [Proffesional Designer & Coding & Flash]

Corsar [Proffesional Designer & Proffesional Coding]

Faraon [Designer & Coding & Proffesional Flash]

M@JIou [Designer & Coding]

ALEKSSOFT [softer]



Web Download



Free skins :D




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man, this is the best share i 've had ever. :)

But one question, how do i change the vote code (i mean to change the vode code that exists on the banner -this one with the van halisha- because it says to vote for PvP apocalypse... :S) Can u plz tell me?


Edit : Also can you plz tell me how to activate Search-DB in the site?

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