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    Dont ur mamma told you its good to share?
  1. i totally agree with you Blane, but we can always hope :D
  2. In the end. Bake Ice was cracked!!! :D This is the tool for bypassing bake ice. Download Link: HeRe Guide: 1. Decompress it anywhere. 2. Open set.ini file of l2walker, change IP to the local ip (localhost,, change port to 2106. If you use token changer, change the token to 5F3B352E5D39342D33313D3D2D257854215E5B24. 3. Open ServerList.ini file of my Bake Ice By-Passer. Modify it like set.ini. 4. Open L2Asrv, open Bake Ice By-Passer. 5. Now you can login successfully. Set.ini for L2Walker: [servers] ServerList=L2Vicious;L2Frozen; DefaultServer=1 [L2Vici
  3. ACP - Auto Combat Points v1.1.3 I would like to share the newest version of ACP I see you like very much this tool so I believe it is helpful for you in all PvP and/or PvE. >Downloaded here< Zip include the newest ACP version v1.1.3 Why do you need this tool? Because it is very good program, calculated to automatic use CP, MP and HP bottles at achievement of the certain value by them. It provide great helps at PVP. You will not have to think to use any bottle during PVP because ACP will do that. It does not use packages, hence, it is not defined in any
  4. Okay. I have been playing around with the possibility of exploiting/hacking lineage for about a month now. Thus far not a lot has happened. I have tried a laundry list of programs, various l2cep's, various hlapex's, various l2phx's. Never bothered with walker cause.. well... botting just doesn't interest me. Never bothered with brute either cause IMO if you steal someones account your just a dick. Plain and simple. Anywho I play on l2frozen and l2forever and this is what I have found that does work. Enchant Testing: This works similar to the idea of item lag but is infinitely easier to
  5. lol is that working, have u tested?
  6. hope u didn't used that on retail :D
  7. really usefull, just used it! good shares as always my friend.. ;)
  8. K4rma ur the best , i was looking for some good brushes! thx!
  9. katsekala lool koita name :P
  10. thx gia tn ss MrAnderson!! an k vevaia dn xreiazete na pareis prog gia na to kaneis auto :P
  11. thelo ta gold mou piso reeeee!!!! :D
  12. if i could i would give u +1..rly! gj mate :)