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(Contest Guide#3) Pudge the Butcher by МØЯĮẮŊ™

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Pudge the Butcher



Hero Story

An undead behemoth seemingly impervious to even the most potent magic, this starving abomination roams the battlefield, continually in search of unwary prey. It is said his victims catch only a glimpse of his monstrous frame as they are dragged them through the shadows, bleeding profusely as a jagged hook etches deeper in their flesh. Wails of agony echo in the distance, only to be drowned out by the Butcher's maniacal laughter as he severs their limp bodies with his great maw. Unspeakable horrors ensue in a deathly silence, a dreadful omen for what is to come.




Starting Stats+Gains

STR (Streanth) - 25 + 3.2

AGI (Agility) - 14 + 1.5

INT (Intelligence) - 14 + 1.5




Why I sould pick Butcher?

  • If you like gangs take Buthcer!
  • If you want to practise your skill in hook take Butcher!
  • Cause Butcher it's a hero of expiriance.
  • Can Pwn Very easy in start/early game!




Why I souldn't pick Butcher

  • Cause Buthcer don't have much MP
  • Buthcer isn't a hero for newbies
  • If you are farmer don't pick Butcher cause he is a full ganger hero!
  • Buthcer is very slow hero!




How to play with Buthcer

Early/start game : In Early/start game you must go solo (better lane is mid or bot) and you must take xp.

When you go 3 level you must do a kill :P. Tactic : Spam emeny some hits and little with Rot, After Go attack with hits and rot open,

Do hook on your enemy and you just do a kill! Stay in your lane until you go level 6 or 7.


Mid game : In Mid game you must have Boots Of Travel for sure, Why? You must change lanes continue, to do a lot gangs and you must go fast.


Late game : In Late game you must be a tank. In all battles you must hide in fogs and do hooks to take one enemy and you and your team to kill your enemy, Now 4 enemy remaining! Now you and your team can win the batlle easy!

BTW one player when play Buthcer, he must know the fogs!




Hero Skills and Abilities


Meat Hook


Launches a bloody hook at a unit or location. The hook will snag the first target it encounters, dealing damage then dragging the victim back to the Butcher.


Level 1 - 400 range, 100 damage.

Level 2 - 600 range, 200 damage.

Level 3 - 800 range, 300 damage.

Level 4 - 1000 range, 400 damage.


Cooldown: 14 seconds.


Level 1: 140 mana, 14 sec cooldown.

Level 2: 140 mana, 14 sec cooldown.

Level 3: 140 mana, 14 sec cooldown.

Level 4: 140 mana, 14 sec cooldown.


How To Use Hook.

When you ready to do a hook you must hide in one fog and after hook your enemy,

Look the screenshot,



The maximum range of hook is 1000, Look the screenshot

width=640 height=480http://i41.tinypic.com/10qjqeb.jpg[/img]

BTW One comm exist, With this comm you can see how much hook you do it! This comm is -ha




Pudge releases the disease and filth inside of him, dealing intense damage and slowing surrounding enemies while hurting Pudge as well.


Level 1 - 25 damage/second.

Level 2 - 50 damage/second.

Level 3 - 75 damage/second.

Level 4 - 100 damage/second.



How To Use Rot

When you open The Rot You must go near your enemy and enemy take slow and damage!

Look the screenshot

width=640 height=480http://i41.tinypic.com/ztw3t3.jpg[/img]



Flesh Heap


Pudge is made of innumerable rotting corpses, giving him extra protection against spells as well as the ability add more to his bulk.


Level 1 - 4% magic reduction.

Level 2 - 8% magic reduction.

Level 3 - 12% magic reduction.

Level 4 - 16% magic reduction.




With this skill you can grow up your Hit Points! When you kill a creep or a hero your life grow up!

Look the image before kill any creep,

width=640 height=480http://i40.tinypic.com/2u6fwnq.jpg[/img]

Now look, I kill 55 creeps and look butcher's Life!

width=640 height=480http://i44.tinypic.com/kc0b49.jpg[/img]

By the way you can press this comm and you can see how much flesh Heap you have The comm is -fs




Chows down on a target, causing excruciating pain.

Lasts 3 seconds at all levels.


Level 1 - 75 damage/second.

Level 2 - 125 damage/second.

Level 3 - 175 damage/second.


Cooldown: 30 seconds.


Level 1: 100 mana, 30 sec cooldown.

Level 2: 130 mana, 30 sec cooldown.

Level 3: 170 mana, 30 sec cooldown.


Butcer's ultimate! With this skill you can Bite your enemy for 3 seconds, And your enemy take and damage!

When you press your ultimate, you musn't press click on ground cause you can to stop your ultimata!

Skill Build

1)Meat Hook


3)Meat Hook


5)Meat Hook


7)Meat Hook



10)Flesh Heap


12)Flesh Heap

13)Flesh Heap

14)Flesh Heap















Item Build and Explanation


Boots Of Travel Cause Buthcer is to slow hero and he must do a lot gangs!


Hood Of Defiance The best item for Rot, Don't take all damage from Rot! And you make nukers uselles!


Radiance cause Rot+Ultimate+Radiance the enemy is gg!


Vanguard More HP regenaration and more armor!


Heart Of Tarrasque This Item make Buthcer The Tank Of Tanks :P, with Flesh Heap Butcher have very much life!


Black King Bar Anyone can't stop your Imba Ultimate, And general anyone can't stop You! :D




Alternatives Items


Phase Boots One More Imba Item for Butcher cause when push the button Buthcer can walk inside from creeps and hook easy!


Guinsoo Scythe Of Vyse Don't Laught cause I see Butcher with this item and bealive me He PWN!


Sange & Yasha Cause Buthcer is too slow hero and he need's speed!


Vladmirs Offering If you play Buthcer DPS this item is very good!


Shiva's Guard More armor, More slow on enemies + Rot. Anyone can escape from Buthcer!


Linken's Sheer With this item your ultimate can spared! :P

Or you can make this item!


Blade Mail With this item your enemys have return damage and you can pwn him easy!




Rejected Items


Eye Of Skadi Don't need it, Butcer have Rot.


Aghanim's scepter Don't Improve Butcher ultimate And Butcher have MP, + MP is not necessary.


Kelen's Dagger Is EPIC FAIL cause Butcer and Vengeful spirit can't use.


Refresher Orb Butcher don't need it, cause Butcher skill's have small cooldown.




Butcher stat's without level up and item build


Butcher level 25 and with Item Build


Buthcer level 25 and with Alternatives items





Best Allies


BTNBansheeRanger.gifBTNHydralisk.gifBTNSpiderBlack.gifBTNNetherDragon.gif etc.

Cause Do slow on enemy and Butcher win time to hook or go and do ultimate!


Cause he put repel on Butcher and Butcher don't damaga from Rot, and not only When Butcher Bite Omniknight can do heal on buthcer and enemy lose very much life!


He can put Bombs and Butcher can go on bombs and do hook and enemy GG! :P Or Butcher do ultimate and Goblin teaches have much time to exlosion!


When see do ultimate Butcher's hook is more easy cause is more near the enemy!


Doctor come! :P When Butcher Bite the Doctor can do ultimate and and emeny deal much damage!


Same Reason with Doctor!



Worst Enemies

Tanks And Hpers




From Best Allies, Worst Enemy :S When Buthcer go and bite Omniknight do heal on himself and buthcer is just dead.


Doom Bringer cause when Butcher Have Rot Open, the Doom Bringer do ultimate on Butcher and Butcher is dead.


For Me is The best Anti butcher hero, The reasons is F@cK!ng Counter Helix... No more Comments...

Mana Burns



Credits МØЯĮẮŊ™ If you found another failure on my guide Just Post a Reply Here!




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well thing about your guide is that it includes everything!!

so, nice guide m8!!

BTW, once it was me with Butcher and my ally was Tiny, so I threw the hook, grabbed someone and Tiny tossed me back on the fountain >.< !! :P

then used ulti and QQ :P :P

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Great guide Morian,


pudge is a difficult hero and i think you have covered everything :)


pudge is an ultimate farmer + tank + killing machine if played well ^^


he can not be killed!

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same as nevermore on skill explanations ...


i wanna add a possible choice too :P i would place 25zjgv9.gif blade mail :P


since you will be targeted like hell its good to have a backup and provide your teamates some pudge late game is a sucky hero xD

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BTW imo the best build is the second one, and these are the items I always buy, except for Black King Bar...

I buy Battle Fury instead of Black king Bar...


Battle Fury grants more mana regen for skills too...


you only got 900 mp on this build so you need regen...

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same as nevermore on skill explanations ...


i wanna add a possible choice too :P i would place 25zjgv9.gif blade mail :P


since you will be targeted like hell its good to have a backup and provide your teamates some pudge late game is a sucky hero xD


Guide Update! Add the Blade Mail And skills Update too! Add explanations to all skils!

BTW And Nevermore's Guide update it too!

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