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Discussion New server best advertising opportunity?

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I think its best facebook/instagram retarget? or we have some rly good site top? where we can put put money on banners? what populating right now? banners or facebook/instagram advertising?


Thx for info and more informations!

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traffic from topsites has been decreased dramatically, even if any new server owner adds their servers into them, the clicks per server doesn't exceed the limit of 30 clicks per day(as of the votes, don't count them as real votes, many servers paid topsites to give them more votes to have more population and traffic at the same time...) so yeah, i would also recommend you to add your server into lineage 2 server groups through facebook or Instagram.!!!!!

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Search for all l2 groups in FB and discord. Pay for some Facebook and Google adds(don't spend big amounts ...no point). Then you are on you own... Make a nice discord server , populate it and keep it alive. GL

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Most popular chronicles right now are essence, biggest servers like Innadril , Valhalla etc has biggest population right now with over 10k+ players wich is unbelivel for 2022 but its true

they do adversiting on  https://l2.wiki/  wich is a wiki wich all essence players using




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