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Has botting destroyed the entire game?


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On 9/9/2022 at 9:50 AM, An4rchy said:


So what? You expect everything to be perfect? Please do tell me more about the bugs on a game being nonexistent without knowing jack shit about game development.


Everything is improved and fixed with time, in any game. Countless triple A games had game breaking bugs, it's completely normal. The code, maths and technologies used behind a game are so complex you would lose focus the first 5 seconds if you tried to study it. (Speaking from experience, that's basically what I got my degree on and work on.)


Reborn would have been a shit server if they ignored such bugs. They don't, they keep improving. That's what makes the server great with a big and stable community. But L2 players are cancerous, they only point out the flaws and never the positive parts, even though Reborn has been a home for them for over 2 years.




Something irrelevant, why do people hide their skillbars in such pictures/videos? What is the point? To hide your super new mechanics you discovered on a 20 year old game?

the shittiest part of reborn is not their files but how admins handled their friends who abused those bugs, ignoring basic rules like "bug abuse results to permanent ban" for people who abused bugs for months. or people blatantly RMTing but admins were like "ah some of their friends lavishly offered them for free 4 billions worth of gear" only for them to go to the enemy clan 10 days later 😄 the guys are a complete joke


not to mention some free valakas necklaces where its skills and stats were completely broken and it was being farmed with like 4-5 parties. but how would you know? you didnt even play 😄


and about the bars, who do you think we are here? we are l2 careermen trying not to be recognized by fanboys and keep it quiet to do our side business


about the topic itself, botting is a double edged sword. as much as i hate it, it really kept the game alive all these years. the game itself is made in a way which needs enormous amounts of free time to be competitive. so botting kinda help keep the community alive in a way. now, for those who are using software for pvp, i feel sorry for them cause if they need assistance in a game with such a low skill ceiling, something is very wrong with them


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