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[Guide] Using Search Function in all Forum Platforms!


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Hello again!


Short Info



As my old guide didn't attract you, or I don't know what (I'm speaking for this one), I decided today to make a big guide just for all guys who are newbies to forum platforms and would like to know what the hell the other mean when they say : "Use Search Function First!".Ok I say again this is my guide and I didn't copy it from somewhere.Pictures are mine too taken from my computer.Also I don't intend to make any advertisement.As you can see all pictures are blured in all no-needed spots.





Well you may know (or not) that many sites keep posts and threads with vary information you may wish to know.In order to view them, read them and some way learn them you should first find them.Now I can ensure you that almost all php (programming language) based sites have a feature called Search.With many ways, which will be explained below, you can search those sites and find your information.Some times Google, can help you through this but in this topic I won't explain how Google works, as I think EVERYBODY here knows how to use the Best search engine in the world.So,  sounds difficult? Let's explain it better!



What is Search? What are the Keywords? What the fields mean?


Let's take it easy.Search (Αναζήτηση στα Ελληνικά) means the procedure which finds information for you.You simply write something you want to find and then the php takes control, searching the posts/topics for you and then it shows you the Search results.To be more specific I'd like to show you some tips on search and explain with more detail what all the fields can do:


The main Search field: In this field you actually type what you want to search.

    ex. "Lineage2 Exploit" | I have to say that in some forums like vBulletin or Invision Power Board, the words you type may are not

    available for search.To make you understand it better, your words should not be less than 3 characters.This term is used in many

    forums and believe it or not, it helps your search.That's because a 3 characters long search term will be found in many posts

    and the results may not match your needs.


Search by Author: Ok this one is more, let's say, complicated.If you know the person who posted the desirable information

    you search for, you can search the site by submitting the "Author Name".Then the site will search the whole forum to and will

    find the posts/threads from the guy you typed in.Note: Not in all forum platforms, but some of them, do want you to write the

    name exactly as it is.That means, that if you type one letter wrong, the results you want won't show up.


Search with Boards: This feature is for more professional searchers.If you're sure that your post is under a specific board

    then you can type not only the Keywords (explained in the first "►") but the board name too.In many platforms you could tick

    the boards you want and the site will search ONLY in those boards.So be careful using this feature.



Ok I'm ready! Show me!




SMF forums are greatly used today.This is because they're free and stable too, in my opinion.I have to say they have a good search function which is too easy to be used and which many of you don't know how to.For this example I am taking screenshots from this forum.


→ Press "Search" Button.This sounds easy and it is.In any forum the position of this button has to do with the template/theme is

    used.It won't be difficult believe me.Search buttons are often in a high good place so everyone could read them.


→ When you press it, wait for the page to load and then you'll see something like the below picture.I have edited the picture so

    (zoom if you need to) you can understand which field is for what.




→ Except from the "Search for:" field, the other options are optional and if you don't edit them your search will work again.



◊ vBulletin


vBulletin is for me one of the greatest forum software in the world.By developing every day many new features it gives the comfortability for any big network to use it.You will see it many times and its search power is very very good.For our example we'll take RaGEZONE forums which is based in vBulletin.


→ Your first job is to locate the Search Button.When you deal with it, press one click on it.Now there are 2 cases:

    a) Usually when you're registered a simple windows pops-up when you click on "Search".Type there your keywords and press 

        search.In this thread I'm going to explain the "Go Advanced", known as Advanced Search.

    b) If you're not registered you may transfer to Advance Search with one click.There you'll have one more field.The Anti-Spam

        field where you should write what the image says and then press search.


→ In both cases you'll end up in a windows like this:


    width=541 height=480http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm184/nas0sgr/Blane2.jpg[/img]


Note: You can check out the image and zoom it if you want.I explain them all.


→ Again here, you can only type in "Search by Keyword" field.The rest are optional but useful too.



◊ iPB (knows as Invision Board or Invision Power Board)


→ iPB is a paid forum engine as vBulletin.It has an other style and many people say it's better than vB.This one has a good search

    engine too.Again here a pop-up with a field may shown up, but you can press: Go Advanced and go to Advanced Search.For our

    example I'm gonna choose WarezakiaS which is powered by iPB.


→ When you end up in search.php, by clicking "Advanced Search" you'll see something like this below: (zoom the pic if you want to

    understand everything)


    width=640 height=448http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm184/nas0sgr/Blane3-1.jpg[/img]



◊ phpBB


→ Free and trustful forum engine which powers many many sites with much people.Some people say it can beat vB and iPB but

    maybe it's not to good to archive that.PHPBB has many styles and that's why you may need to search a bit more than the other

    forums the search button.If you find it press one click on it and you'll see something like the picture below.In our example we use

    Warez-BB which is powered by phpBB3 and has thousands of visits every day:


    width=640 height=427http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm184/nas0sgr/BlanesGuide05.jpg[/img]


→ Only the first box has to be filled.The other are useful but optional.



Having Feedback on your own.


I hope you're ok from all these but in case you did not understood something you can post here or pm me or contact me some way.I have to say that Search Function is not something difficult as when you click on it, instructions are given to you near each empty box.So it won't be too difficult to understand what you have to fill in, when you know some English.I just wrote that guide to help everyone understand how it works and help him to improve his knowledge about the Search function not only in one regular forum but in all platforms.



Purpose and Thread's Target.


Now that, I finished my guide, I'd like to say that many forums are having problems with their members who don't use search.The just ask things and wait some ready answer.But this is not the way a good community works.We should look in the forum first, search in Google and generally search the web before we ask help.Many kiddies may not be able to understand what "ready to eat" answer means but they have to!If they're not able to search around the forum then they shall not be members!I'm getting nervous right now, but I'm relaxing, saying that with this topic the situation will change and now all the members will use the search function before the post something.Soon this guide is going to be translated to Greek too!



Thank you for your attention.Post a comment to keep the topic alive :)

Best Regards to MaxCheaters Community,




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Oh noes ... really this sh1t rocks... man.... don't tell me you made that :X.... I mean.. its awesome... gj... what can i say.... ofc.... +1 :P


EDIT: I forgot to say that it should be stickied :X.

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good job , i did for this forum too in ann section but still the same chaos .. hopefully to improve new users

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Thanks my, I really appreciate it.

We have to change the way newbies work.And this is my effort for this target :).



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