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Help Character-name offset problem

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I've completely replaced FShaman's files for FErtheia ones, ofc, including AnimNotifies, Sounds, Effects, etc. Since on my project you can choose any class as your main class with any character (for example, a titan dwarf), classes aren't a problem to me. The only problem i have right now, is that when i'm ingame, the name's offest is fcked up, as seen below.

I've already tried modifying Server-sided height, and LineageWarrior.u's CollisionHeight/NameOffset (thanks a lot to Ehoq for this), but nothing seems to be working.
If anyone has any idea on how to fix it, please help!



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    • Hello my friend. Great shares in here. I'm currently trying to view LineageMonsters71.ukx from NPC PACK v9 (Interlude) but umodel keeps giving me error: ERROR: Package "LineageMonsters71.ukx": wrong name index 4291 UnPackage::SerializeFName:pos=08529F92 <- FPropertyTag<< <- CTypeInfo::SerializeProps <- UObject::Serialize <- UMaterial::Serialize <- UTexture::Serialize <- LoadObject:Texture'LineageMonsters71.kd', pos=8529F92, ver=117/0, game=ue2 <- UObject::EndLoad <- Main:umodel_version=642   If you could check it out and see if its my problem or the file, thank you in advance man
    • Again, your suggestion is to boost a specific amount of players/clans in-game with gear. We will never do that. The same way we will not offer money for a clan just to join our server. A clan that can donate the money back into the server and get a massive head start, whereas earning money 1 week into the server from events will not give an in-game advantage as our item/service related donations will be balanced based on the server's stage.     You keep trying to convince people that paying clans to JOIN is the same as rewarding WINNERS who play your server anyway and are part of your community. You need to learn to ignore your bias and try and understand what others tell you.   Is money reward system a strong motive for people to play ? Yes. But will people get this reward just for joining ? No. This will simply motivate the people who actually want to play the game competitively to try harder to win by building strong sides, actively farming to outgear their enemies and so on. Basically give life to the server.   Paying clans just to join will result in leaders recruiting any kind of cps without caring much about activity and gear as long as they show up at epics and collect their weekly check.   If you still can't understand the massive difference between these 2 cases, then this discussion is pointless.
    • I think you're the one that don't understand what's happening in this thread lol   He's not "paying clans", he's rewarding the clan winner of the event in real money, there's a big difference.   And yeah, this is not unique at all.
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