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Help elf height & getSex method



hello i have a problem with elf's height.. 
Elf females are flying
Heights are corrects into database, but when i change the F_COL_H ,females height doesnt change at all as it should be.
When i change M_COL_H change both height (males,females) and females are not flying but males boots are inside ground(i hope u understand)

photos of navicat(elf fighter class is in the circle), male and female elf fighter ~> https://imgur.com/a/xnhjz6P

java~> charTemplateTable


 * L2jFrozen Project - www.l2jfrozen.com 
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
 * any later version.
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA
 * 02111-1307, USA.
 * http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html
package com.l2jfrozen.gameserver.datatables.sql;

import java.sql.Connection;
import java.sql.PreparedStatement;
import java.sql.ResultSet;
import java.sql.SQLException;
import java.util.Map;

import javolution.util.FastMap;

import org.apache.log4j.Logger;

import com.l2jfrozen.Config;
import com.l2jfrozen.gameserver.model.base.ClassId;
import com.l2jfrozen.gameserver.templates.L2PcTemplate;
import com.l2jfrozen.gameserver.templates.StatsSet;
import com.l2jfrozen.util.CloseUtil;
import com.l2jfrozen.util.database.DatabaseUtils;
import com.l2jfrozen.util.database.L2DatabaseFactory;

 * @version $Revision: $ $Date: 2005/03/29 14:00:54 $
public class CharTemplateTable
    private static Logger LOGGER = Logger.getLogger(CharTemplateTable.class);
    private static CharTemplateTable _instance;
    private static final String[] CHAR_CLASSES =
        "Human Fighter",
        "Human Knight",
        "Dark Avenger",
        "Treasure Hunter",
        "Human Mystic",
        "Human Wizard",
        "Elven Fighter",
        "Elven Knight",
        "Temple Knight",
        "Elven Scout",
        "Silver Ranger",
        "Elven Mystic",
        "Elven Wizard",
        "Elemental Summoner",
        "Elven Oracle",
        "Elven Elder",
        "Dark Fighter",
        "Palus Knight",
        "Shillien Knight",
        "Abyss Walker",
        "Phantom Ranger",
        "Dark Elven Mystic",
        "Dark Elven Wizard",
        "Phantom Summoner",
        "Shillien Oracle",
        "Shillien Elder",
        "Orc Fighter",
        "Orc Raider",
        "Orc Monk",
        "Orc Mystic",
        "Orc Shaman",
        "Dwarven Fighter",
        "Dwarven Scavenger",
        "Bounty Hunter",
        "Dwarven Artisan",
        "Phoenix Knight",
        "Hell Knight",
        "Arcana Lord",
        "Eva Templar",
        "Sword Muse",
        "Wind Rider",
        "Moonlight Sentinel",
        "Mystic Muse",
        "Elemental Master",
        "Eva's Saint",
        "Shillien Templar",
        "Spectral Dancer",
        "Ghost Hunter",
        "Ghost Sentinel",
        "Storm Screamer",
        "Spectral Master",
        "Shillien Saint",
        "Grand Khauatari",
        "Fortune Seeker",
    private final Map<Integer, L2PcTemplate> _templates;
    public static CharTemplateTable getInstance()
        if (_instance == null)
            _instance = new CharTemplateTable();
        return _instance;
    private CharTemplateTable()
        _templates = new FastMap<>();
        Connection con = null;
            con = L2DatabaseFactory.getInstance().getConnection(false);
            PreparedStatement statement = con.prepareStatement("SELECT * FROM class_list, char_templates, lvlupgain" + " WHERE class_list.id = char_templates.classId" + " AND class_list.id = lvlupgain.classId" + " ORDER BY class_list.id");
            ResultSet rset = statement.executeQuery();
            while (rset.next())
                StatsSet set = new StatsSet();
                // ClassId classId = ClassId.values()[rset.getInt("id")];
                set.set("classId", rset.getInt("id"));
                set.set("className", rset.getString("className"));
                set.set("raceId", rset.getInt("raceId"));
                set.set("baseSTR", rset.getInt("STR"));
                set.set("baseCON", rset.getInt("CON"));
                set.set("baseDEX", rset.getInt("DEX"));
                set.set("baseINT", rset.getInt("_INT"));
                set.set("baseWIT", rset.getInt("WIT"));
                set.set("baseMEN", rset.getInt("MEN"));
                set.set("baseHpMax", rset.getFloat("defaultHpBase"));
                set.set("lvlHpAdd", rset.getFloat("defaultHpAdd"));
                set.set("lvlHpMod", rset.getFloat("defaultHpMod"));
                set.set("baseMpMax", rset.getFloat("defaultMpBase"));
                set.set("baseCpMax", rset.getFloat("defaultCpBase"));
                set.set("lvlCpAdd", rset.getFloat("defaultCpAdd"));
                set.set("lvlCpMod", rset.getFloat("defaultCpMod"));
                set.set("lvlMpAdd", rset.getFloat("defaultMpAdd"));
                set.set("lvlMpMod", rset.getFloat("defaultMpMod"));
                set.set("baseHpReg", 1.5);
                set.set("baseMpReg", 0.9);
                set.set("basePAtk", rset.getInt("p_atk"));
                set.set("basePDef", /* classId.isMage()? 77 : 129 */rset.getInt("p_def"));
                set.set("baseMAtk", rset.getInt("m_atk"));
                set.set("baseMDef", rset.getInt("char_templates.m_def"));
                set.set("classBaseLevel", rset.getInt("class_lvl"));
                set.set("basePAtkSpd", rset.getInt("p_spd"));
                set.set("baseMAtkSpd", /* classId.isMage()? 166 : 333 */rset.getInt("char_templates.m_spd"));
                set.set("baseCritRate", rset.getInt("char_templates.critical") / 10);
                set.set("baseRunSpd", rset.getInt("move_spd"));
                set.set("baseWalkSpd", 0);
                set.set("baseShldDef", 0);
                set.set("baseShldRate", 0);
                set.set("baseAtkRange", 40);
                set.set("spawnX", rset.getInt("x"));
                set.set("spawnY", rset.getInt("y"));
                set.set("spawnZ", rset.getInt("z"));
                L2PcTemplate ct;
                set.set("collision_radius", rset.getDouble("m_col_r"));
                set.set("collision_height", rset.getDouble("m_col_h"));
                ct = new L2PcTemplate(set);
                // 5items must go here
                for (int x = 1; x < 6; x++)
                    if (rset.getInt("items" + x) != 0)
                        ct.addItem(rset.getInt("items" + x));
                _templates.put(ct.classId.getId(), ct);
                set = null;
                ct = null;
            statement = null;
            rset = null;
        catch (final SQLException e)
            if (Config.ENABLE_ALL_EXCEPTIONS)
            LOGGER.warn("error while loading char templates " + e.getMessage());
        LOGGER.info("CharTemplateTable: Loaded " + _templates.size() + " Character Templates.");
    public L2PcTemplate getTemplate(final ClassId classId)
        return getTemplate(classId.getId());
    public L2PcTemplate getTemplate(final int classId)
        final int key = classId;
        return _templates.get(key);
    public static final String getClassNameById(final int classId)
        return CHAR_CLASSES[classId];
    public static final int getClassIdByName(final String className)
        int currId = 1;
        for (final String name : CHAR_CLASSES)
            if (name.equalsIgnoreCase(className))
        return currId;

any help how to fix ?:/

EDIT: Does anyone know how to get method : getSex apperiance so i can change the code to :



                set.set("collision_radius", rset.getDouble("m_col_r"));
                set.set("collision_height", rset.getDouble("m_col_h"));




                set.set("collision_radius", rset.getDouble("f_col_r"));
                set.set("collision_height", rset.getDouble("f_col_h"));



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1 hour ago, Irrelevant said:

                set.set("collision_radius", rset.getDouble("m_col_r"));
                set.set("collision_height", rset.getDouble("m_col_h"));

not just elfs, entire female set scales are missing

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2 hours ago, aLzhite said:

not just elfs, entire female set scales are missing

the i see that ,but other races females are totally fine


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33 minutes ago, aLzhite said:

heights are okay but radius of all females are broken like dwarfs

radius was fine , males and females have so small difference in radius, even change 7 with 10 will be totally fine


actually isnt fixed.. it reversed ,now m_col_h isnt work :/ 

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10 hours ago, ZaunProject said:

What you mean by getSex method? I think your idea wont work that way

i dont know what else to think, i need to fix females collisions(height and radius) , i find other packs to search for fix but without success  :/ . i am struggling 1week with this s**t

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