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Antiscam trade protection® by MaxCheaters.com

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Antiscam trade protection® by MaxCheaters.com


We are proud to announce our new verification process for making safer and valid trades through our Middleman Services by MaxCheaters.com® . 


How you are protected:

- All trades and converations are made through our Messaging System

- You can ask us if you want your payment to be made through our System with a small fee %,


How it works:

- 1. Click Messages at the top of any MaxCheaters.com pages.

- 2. Click "Compose New" .

- 3. Write your buyer/seller username and add it from list.

- 4. Add "Antiscam" (Gold Member Rank) username or any of our current Global Moderators at your conversation.

- 5. Now start chatting and negotiating for fair price.

- 6. For safer trading, ask for "Antiscam" representative to join your conversation.( We will let you know if there is possiblity of scam depends on Seller/Buyer reputation and other fact,if you dont get a reply from us then protection is considered as none .)

(Dont forget to mention payment options,and add a screenshot of transaction)

- 6. Trade is done and recorded.


Where we dont protect you:

- If a trade is made through Discord/Skype or any other instant messenger.

- If a trade has done partially through our conversation system and parts are missing.

- If a chargeback occur between buyer and seller its PayPal responsibility to review it.



User Agreement:

- By using this services, you agree that your conversation can be seen by our Team (staffers) , Adminitrator of - MaxCheaters.com and can be used for verification or any violation.

- MaxCheaters.com is not responsible for any other trades are made outiside our Protection System.

- This system is made mainly for logging, evaluate members, report scammers , and express our opinion ONLY. 

- We cannot 100% protect you, and if something goes wrong , compensation responsibility is between Buyer/Seller.

- Sharing your instant messenger (Skype/Discord/Facebook) or any other kind of contact information in protected converation is not allowed.

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