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hi, I'm working on a private project, in my XML version Datapack Interlude, i have this problem,  to my Config file i can set only "RateDropItems = 2" this command increase the ammount of item drop, but don't increase the % Chanze to drop item.


The only solution is to manually multiply every single drop,  is there a quick way to do it? with a program for example, which automatically multiplies all the drops of all the mobs?


MY XML File:


<rewardlist type="SWEEP">
      <reward item_id="960" min="1" max="1" chance="0.3097"/><!--i need to edit only the number chance="0.3097 x 2"-->
      <reward item_id="1876" min="1" max="3" chance="77.4226"/>
      <reward item_id="4042" min="1" max="1" chance="12.9038"/>
    <rewardlist type="RATED_GROUPED">
      <group chance="70.0">
        <reward item_id="57" min="3115" max="6359" chance="100.0"/>
      <group chance="47.427">
        <reward item_id="5545" min="1" max="1" chance="0.2205"/><!--i need to edit only the number chance="0.2205 x 2"-->
        <reward item_id="5529" min="1" max="1" chance="0.2205"/>
        <reward item_id="2500" min="1" max="1" chance="6.0E-4"/>
        <reward item_id="5546" min="1" max="1" chance="0.2422"/>
        <reward item_id="151" min="1" max="1" chance="6.0E-4"/>
        <reward item_id="81" min="1" max="1" chance="6.0E-4"/>
        <reward item_id="1873" min="1" max="1" chance="32.1476"/>
        <reward item_id="1868" min="3" max="9" chance="26.7891"/>
        <reward item_id="1895" min="1" max="1" chance="22.962"/>
        <reward item_id="959" min="1" max="1" chance="0.0033"/>
        <reward item_id="4042" min="1" max="1" chance="1.3395"/>
        <reward item_id="1876" min="1" max="1" chance="16.0735"/>
    <rewardlist type="NOT_RATED_GROUPED">
      <group chance="42.0">
        <reward item_id="8600" min="1" max="1" chance="55.0"/>
        <reward item_id="8601" min="1" max="1" chance="38.0"/>
        <reward item_id="8602" min="1" max="1" chance="7.0"/>
      <group chance="11.0">
        <reward item_id="8603" min="1" max="1" chance="55.0"/>
        <reward item_id="8604" min="1" max="1" chance="38.0"/>
        <reward item_id="8605" min="1" max="1" chance="7.0"/>
      <group chance="25.0">
        <reward item_id="8606" min="1" max="1" chance="34.0"/>
        <reward item_id="8608" min="1" max="1" chance="33.0"/>
        <reward item_id="8610" min="1" max="1" chance="33.0"/>
      <group chance="10.0">
        <reward item_id="8607" min="1" max="1" chance="50.0"/>
        <reward item_id="8609" min="1" max="1" chance="50.0"/>
      <group chance="1.0">
        <reward item_id="8612" min="1" max="1" chance="33.0"/>
        <reward item_id="8613" min="1" max="1" chance="33.0"/>
        <reward item_id="8614" min="1" max="1" chance="34.0"/>
      <group chance="10.0">
        <reward item_id="8611" min="1" max="1" chance="100.0"/>


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