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Feedback content count minimum quota for posting

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just got stuck by the new rule of having "Minimum content count to post: 20". i don't say it is bad or good, but for me it's bad. I use the forum for a long time, but never needed anything and never made an account until this year, when i wanted to buy some items on some server - everything worked well in the end (after some scam and scam attempt - that's why i don't say it is a bad measure 😄)

while buying , made some post about it, but never I was needed to spam those post or increase my "content count". Now i am in the position where i try to sell some stuff and buy stuff on another server where i plan to play...but i am unable due to these new rules. I am aware that I fall down in the crack of this new rule system, and of course I am a minority...but felt the need to point out, just as a Feedback

PS what exactly is content count? just normal posts? my main forum was the buy/sell items chars...and it is offlimit for me right now



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It happens the same to me.

I am just from 2016 or so, I bought one thing from the forum, and now that I need to put a post in the marketplace to buy another thing, I cant post there cause the minimun post count..


Well, I hope I can make them in a few weeks or so. 

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Remove restriction for [WTB] tags since they can get scammed no scam others (it's their right) and reduce the post count to less. Many users complain. You force them to spam all over the forum.

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