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Hello everyone!


I'm new around here and my first experience was simply the worst to be honest. In order to prevent others to fall under the same mistake, i'd like to share my experience:


Found this guys selling an account and made him an offer. He said he would think about and next day gave me an answer. We spoke and agreed on a price for the account + 80kk on the char. He didn't accept any other payment method other than Monero. So, piece of advise of you are buying something, keep yourself protected and don't accept that option! I even offered him paypal friends and family but he rejected.


He sent me the wallet link for the payment and I made the payment of 350€. We waited for the money to go on his account which he stated, never happened. Later on, and you can see on the print screens, I saw that he changed the message with the wallet link. So, another piece of advise, don't use discord to make your transactions. It's a system full of flaws and perfect for scammers!


Since he stated he didn't receive the money, he then suggested he would sell me the account for 100€ more, which I accepted but only using a middleman and PayPal. he refused paypal and then stated he sold the account to someone else for 250€.


Blocked me from Discord, deleted everything he was selling and blocked me from maxcheaters. Please note that in his messages he says that he won't risk his reputation for 300€, when he has still a lot of stuff to sell. And the next day, he just ceases his activity.


Don't take the feedback people have here as granted. They might just be waiting for a nice trade to screw you over. Don't use Discord as your main communication channel. Use skype, for instance.


Please find below all the relevant data:


Valid proofs of transaction / conversation:






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