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[L2J] L2 Eternal


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Hello to the MxC and the entire Lineage II Community.
After a lot of hard work and implementing one of the best server files
available on the market for L2J we are excited to announce that 
our Project L2-Eternal is now live!Our server after spending countless
hours in development and thanks to the help of some really awesome 
developers we proudly present a fully fuctional HighFive Part 5 Update
with all the bells and whistles.There are already a lot of players 
speaking it.
Our website will go live tomorrow and our Beta Server too.
We offer a very stable and well balanced server with pure 
Lineage II gameplay in mind without any pesky payed boosted clans 
and all the things that ruin the gameplay for others
especially a game that we all love. Absolutey no P2W!
We are using retail Geodata that provides a quality gameplay 
comparable to L2OFF.
All skills are working retail like with balanced class types.
We don't care so much about large/lots of donations, 
we primarily want to cover hosting and service fees.
We want to make this a long-term project, and keep our community loyal
so we are doing everything possible to avoid wipes.
We are not the kind of server that will take donation money
and then close the server after a few months. 
We are here for the long run.
Our plans right now are to Open the x20 (Mid rate) server 
and once things settle down we will begin work on our second server
being a x4 full official retail like server.
We also have no need to restart the server on a daily basis 
due to our stable developed core.
We plan to run a steady weekly maintenance cycle 
one restart every Sunday to add any updates and tackle any issues 
that will arise.A special shoutout to all the great testers out there 
who helped us identify and fix bugs and other annoyances.


Our Server Rates:

XP : x20

SP : x20

Adena : x8

Drop : x2

Spoil drop : x2

Quest Item Drop x2

Quest Reward x1

Some features:

Daily Login Reward System

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Tasks

Free VIP System for all players

Premium Account System

Autofarm System (2 hours free per day)

Character menu panel

Many Events inside using our engine (PvP/Farm))

Account Protection via HWID Loc.

Unique Community Board

Antibot System

2 Clients Per HWID

A really professional DDOS protection system

Active Staff

We would be thrilled to welcome you to our truly 
great and friendly community.

Our website is https://www.l2-eternal.com
Our forums are https://www.l2-eternal.com/forums
Our Discord is https://discord.gg/FJrwHf8FTu

Hope to see you soon.


Your L2-Eternal Team!




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we are following you many months now. We saw your hard work and we decided to follow you with our clans. So once again we will be with you to the new era. Keep working, be fair with all players, be active and ready to help us. I know that you will be succesful one more time because you are not a game master to us. You are FRIEND. You are FAMILY. 


Best wishes Vascos - Arrowth

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Great server files good administration and very friendly this server deserves a shot it's cool 🙂

wish you good luck !

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    • try sending DeleteObject and then CharInfo to nearby players
    • Also its "gender" and not "genre" idiots.
    • Direction never changed, it always focused about retailness, with uneeded dropped customs and an emphasis about dropping existing content to rebuild it (skills and scripts were deleted in 2011 - you can't say I changed my way of doing things, it was always like that).   Rev 220 isn't really different than L2J IL vanilla (with maybe 100~ fixes and a overhaul step-up using L2J GF, then L2J H5), since most of the changesets were extremely short and mostly based on skills/quests re-addition. The first 220 revisions are maybe the size of 50 current revisions in terms of size, and definitively not the best ones in terms of content (I mean, except the GF/H5 overhaul, it is simply L2J with L2J issues). The first 50 revisions are even shorter and equal maybe 5 current revs.   You basically don't even know what is currently aCis, and I would be perfectly fine with it if you weren't insulting randomly, based on strictly nothing since you got 0 arguable point to do about my/my community work, since you stopped to follow it around 2011 (eg,10y ago for those who are bad in maths).   For one time, the flow of trash which generally comes from your mouth is actually right. 2011-2013 was basically upgrading L2J IL using L2J GF/H5 (trade sanity checks, olympiads rework, C5/IL skills addition, partymatching addition,...).   There is nothing to be ashamed about or to laugh about, I planned it like that.   Unlike you, I didn't sit on other ppl faces to make it.   It's cool if you didn't have to care about all that, since others did the job for you, but I had to do it since I had no pack to copy-paste (unfortunately, Sethek which was under L2JArchid dropped his timeline so I couldn't base my job on other ppl fork).
    • I am looking for someone to create a custom interface, with the use of a platform for payment, to ensure both delivery of the interface as well as the payment.
    • You basically use L2jServer.
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