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classic [L2J] L2MegaClassic


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grand opening March 19 2021 22:00 utc +0
(countdown cloack on website )

Expecience:    3x
Skill Points:    4x
Adena:    2x
Drop:    1x
Spoil Chance:    1x
Spoil Amount:    1x
Mana Regeneration:    4x
Better Spellbooks drop    A strong group is a full buff group!
Better Proof of Blood drop    Upgrade your clan and fight epic battles!
Buff Time:    20 min
Song/Dance Time:    5 min
NO NPC Buff:    Buy on Giran city from other players with Adena
Dual-Box:    1 Only
Debuffs Raid Boss:    Use your debuffs in Raid Boss for better combat control

Premium System:    .premium in chat-game
Locked EXP:    .expon and .expoff in chat-game
Sell Buffs:    .sellbuffs in chat-game
Offline Trade:    Close your game windows after open your Trade Shop
Find PVP:    NPC Mega Classic in Giran
Auto-Potion:    .apon / .apoff for auto-potion enable/disable
Vote System:    Vote MegaClassic in L2 Servers and receive awards
TvT:    Team vs Team in Giran
Custom Quests:    NPC Mega Classic has exclusive quests for you

Safe:    Weapons +3 and armors +4
Max Enchant:    +16
Period    15 in 15 Days
Battle Time    20:00 - 00:00 (UTC +0)

Create your account before opening and win cloack 30 days, and belt 7 days
Join the fun

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