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10 hours ago, AlexHack said:

Geia sas paidia tou max

mipws mporei kaneis na mou pei pws mporw na kanw

to chat shot na einai me item kai na to ksodeuei otan grafei

sto !chat??



First of all this is EN section and you write in GR. 

Second the class that handle's the chat is called Say2.java 


There you can add your check (which channel type and which item it consume every time), with a simple 


if (Objects.isNull(activeChar.destroyItemById(getClass().getSimpleName(), 57, 100, activeChar, true)))
  activeChar.sendMessage("You don't have the proper item(s) to chat.);


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5 hours ago, AlexHack said:

Thanks Kara ❤️

if i want stop destroy item . becuase i have 100 pvp  kills maybe you know


A simple check if PvpKills() <= 100 and then && destroyItemById()

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