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I made this small HF Skill Pch Generator for shared 273 files in PHP based in the correct script/formula made by @xeL. Credits to him! (Send him a beer if you can)


This program can:

- Extract abnormal_type, attribute and target_type from current skilldata.txt, skill_pch.txt and skill_pch2.txt

- Generate skill_pch.txt and skill_pch2.txt based in extracted (or custom) abnormal_type, attribute and target_type


How to use.

- Put skilldata.txt, skill_pch.txt and skill_pch2.txt in the "source" folder and run extract.(sh|bat)
- Find the extracted data in the "data" folder. abnormal_type.json, attribute.json, target_type.json, manual_pch_info.txt etc.



- Put skilldata.txt in the "source" folder and abnormal_type.json, attribute.json and target_type.json in the "data" folder and run generate.(sh|bat)

- Find the generated skill_pch.txt and skill_pch2.txt in the root folder.



- In the "data_back" folder you can find the full abnormal_type.json, attribute.json and target_type.json for retail H5. This match the original skilldata.txt.

- The original skilldata.txt/skill_pch.txt have some wrong skill names, for example "s_mental_impoverish_ chance1" (have a space before chance1). Fix this problems first.





- Why PHP? Because I like it.

- Ugly code? I made this in small free time.

- Can be optimized? SURE! When I have free time :)


Again, big thanks to @xeL!!!



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Thanks for this! I've done this for epilogue too, and I'm not sure if it's different, but I'm porting L2H to H5, so it's nice to have this as a reference :)

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