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OBT DAY 05/03 20:00 GMT-3
OFICIAL OPEN DAY 12/03 20:00 GMT-3

We concluded all the systems and subsystems for our new client Classic Improved. This client is a mix of two clients (Interlude + H5 + Classic) and thus we manage to develop a new client called Classic Improved.
What is the difference?
The interludes servers will survive for a long time and because it is the platform that is more "easy" to play and less complicated for the players and browse to the most used in the world.
As isso we stick all to the gameplay of the interlude server (Classes, Races, Quests, Skills, Itens) and we implanted in a new 100% innovative client and with great chronicle novelties.



  • etc_exp_point_i00.png  EXP Rated - 99x.
  • Item_15624.jpg  SP Rated - 99x.
  • etc_adena_i00.png  Adena Rated - 5x. ( Trade stabilized based on the defined rate )
  • action104.png  Drop rated - 2x.
  • skill0348.png  Spoil Drop - 2x.
  • Action053.png  Quest rated - 2x.
  • etc_wind_rune_i00.png  Sean Stones - 3x.
  • etc_gem_yellow_i00.png  Key Mats - 3x
  • etc_reaper_i00.png Manor 200x - 



  • scroll_of_verification_i05.png   Safe Enchant + 3. / Full Armor +4
  • scroll_of_unidentify_am_s.png   Max Weapon +16 / Max Armor +12
  • etc_scroll_of_enchant_weapon_i05.png   Scroll Enchant chance - 50%
  • etc_blessed_scrl_of_ench_wp_s_i05.png   Blessed Scroll Enchant chance - +5% chance - on fail return +0
  • Crystal Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S)   Crystal Scroll Enchant chance - +10% chance - on fail return +0
  • Item 33810.jpg   Improved Scroll Enchant chance - +3% chance Enchant 3 Points - on fail mantain enchant



  • Skill_994_1.jpg    Rush: Charges into the target, if the distance between the target and the character is more than 150. (Classes: Duelist, Dreadnought, Titan, Grand Khavatari, Fortune Seeker, Maestro, Spectral Dancer, Sword Muse) Reward level 76
  • Skill_1547_1.jpg   Spirit Sharing: For 20 min. , Your pet P. Atk. , M. Atk. , Atk. Spd. , Casting Spd. , P. / M. Critical Rate. Spirit Ore consumption. (Classes: Warlock, Elemental Summoner, Phantom Summoner) Reward Level 40 and 76
  • Counter Dash   Counter Dash: When attacked, party member’s Speed is increased by 15 for 10 seconds. (Class: Silver Ranger ) Reward Level 40 and 76
  • Potential Ability Potential Ability: When equipped with a dagger, increases Critical Rate by 20% and Critical Damage by 256. (Classes: All Daggers ) Reward Level 76
  • Turn to Stone Turn to Stone: Petrifies oneself for 8 seconds to avoid incurring damage. (Classes: All Healers ) Reward Level 58
  • Improve Potential Improve Potential: For 20 min., M. Atk. +75%; with a certain chance, absorbs 9% of the inflicted damage as HP. (Classes: Elven Elder & Shillien Elder ) Reward Level 52
  • Combat Aura Combat Aura: For 20min., increases party member's P. Atk. by 5% and Atk. Spd. by 5%. (Classes: All Tanks Elder ) Reward Level 70
  • Summon Phoenix Summon Phoenix: Summons a Phoenix. Requires 2 A-grade Crystals. (Classes: Paladin ) Reward Level 40



  • card_dragon_vala.png   XP/SP - 99x.
  • card_dragon_anta.png   EPIC/RAID drop - 1x.
  • card_devil_frintessa.png   Quests Retail.
  • card_devil_lilith.png   All zone epic and custom raid - CHAOTIC ZONE ON.



  • card_hero_holter.png   GM Shop
  • card_hero_elcardia.png   Gatekeeper Global
  • card_hero_hunter.png   Support Magic ( Buffer Basic ).
  • card_angel_anakim.png   Pawn Shop, Grand master.
  • card_orc.png   Warehouse



  • $$$$$_$$$ $$$$.png   Primavel Island - Adena rated - 2x.
  • etc_reagent_blue_i00.png  Mana Potion Recovery 1000MP
  • ability_lock.png   Skill block debuff - ON.
  • skill0332.png   SHIFT + CLICK - Check droplist on monsters.
  • etc_exp_point_i00.png   Vote System Reward VIP Status for 12 hour
  • action069.png   Offline Shop - ON.
  • action225.png   Autoloot - ON.
  • bookmark_scroll_i00.png   Auto learn skills.
  • buff_helmet.png   NPC Buffer - With 1h buffer duration.
  • etc_add_buffslot_i03.png   Buff Slot: 20 + 4 (Divine Inspiration).
  • etc_ticket_i00.png   Gatekeeper free up until level 40.
  • fishing_zone_ticket.png   Retail geodata and pathnodes.
  • giant_book_i01.png   Teleport protection in seconds 15
  • m_class_heavy.png   1ST CLASS – 50.000 Adena / 2 ND – CLASS 500.000 Adena / 3 – 10.000.000 Adena
  • Etc_quest_subclass_reward_i00_0.jpg Sub Class 200kk per sub
  • Skill1323_0.jpg Noblesse status, Barakiel Party Last Hit ( Necessary sub 76+ )
  • noblessescape_scroll_i00.png   Scroll Escape Skill for Giran Town
  • world_chatting_point.png   Global Trade Chat - Level min 76
  • card_devil_baium.png   Especial Chat for Vips
  • Etc_ssq_scroll_i00_0.jpg  Seven Sings open 24h, Mammon merchant spawned in Giran
  • etc_mineral_unique_i03.png  Tyrannosaurus drop Top LS chance 20%
  • XuzP3l7.png Auto Destroy Drops in 5 Minutes




  • etc_scroll_of_return_agit_i00.png   Clan Hall Bid min Clan lvl 6
  • skill0013.png   To register on a Siege required Clan Level 6




  • Etc_mark_blue_i00_0.jpg  Min 9 Participations to give Hero
  • Etc_mark_blue_i00_0.jpg Seasons 15 Day, Battles 18:00 to 23:29
  • Etc_mark_red_i00_0.jpg Blased Class OFF
  • etc_scroll_of_enchant_weapon_i05.png Max Enchant +6 / Automatic Reduces in combat



  • REJWUL9.jpg   .menu
  • action049.png   .acp
  • action063.png   .rb / .epic
  • 5JFhOvd.png   .vote



  • card_event_devil_pocket.png   Group vs Group.
  • event_six_party_box_i00.png   TvT 
  • dfp1.jpgefp1.jpgwefp1.jpgwwfp1.jpg   Dragon Pendants Event
  • event_orc_memo.png   Kamaloka  Instance
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    • player.decayMe(); player.spawnMe();   mobius c6 does use it. dunno if other c6 use it tho. but if im not wrong mobius is based on acis   below u can see the code for the item im using. most likely can be improved since im a beginer.   /* * This file is part of the L2J Mobius project. * * This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by * the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or * (at your option) any later version. * * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of * MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU * General Public License for more details. * * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License * along with this program. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>. */ package handlers.itemhandlers; import org.l2jmobius.gameserver.handler.IItemHandler; import org.l2jmobius.gameserver.model.actor.Playable; import org.l2jmobius.gameserver.model.actor.Player; import org.l2jmobius.gameserver.model.item.instance.Item; import org.l2jmobius.gameserver.network.serverpackets.MagicSkillUse; import org.l2jmobius.gameserver.util.Broadcast; /** * @author Drazeal */ public class SexChange implements IItemHandler { /* * (non-Javadoc) * @see org.l2jmobius.gameserver.handler.IItemHandler#useItem(org.l2jmobius.gameserver.model.actor.Playable, org.l2jmobius.gameserver.model.items.instance.ItemInstance, boolean) */ @Override public boolean useItem(Playable playable, Item item, boolean forceUse) { if (!(playable instanceof Player)) { return true; } Player player = (Player) playable; MagicSkillUse msk; if (player.isInCombat()) { player.sendMessage("Cannot use while in combat."); return false; } if (player.isInOlympiadMode() || player.isInDuel() || player.isOnEvent()) { player.sendMessage("Cannot use while in Olympiad/Duel/Event."); return false; } if (player.getAppearance().isFemale()) { player.getAppearance().setMale(); } else { player.getAppearance().setFemale(); } msk = new MagicSkillUse(player, player, 837, 1, 1000, 0); Broadcast.toSelfAndKnownPlayersInRadius(player, msk, 1500); player.sendMessage("Your gender has been changed"); player.broadcastUserInfo(); player.decayMe(); player.spawnMe(); player.destroyItem("Consume", item.getObjectId(), 1, null, false); return false; } }  
    • Any news????? Is anything aight so far?
    • Hello can anyone share the russian system folder master class (latest from official 4games)?   ty
    • to recompile i can use the decompiled scripts with the compiler which has unknowfunctions in it?
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