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neophron symbols edit


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Hello! I want edit one effect form "neophron symbols up on head" and add for FoI animations. I know how retexture symbol and change in skillgrp but i need change display for all party members and ally not for only 1 person.  Any one know how change it?


(after many tries and asking community no find custom foi animation working w/o lineageeffect.u so i try make it with neophorn)



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when u use skill u see this animation on self (1) char

i need see this animation for full party/ally (because i wanna retexture symbol and use for FoI skill)

now understand?:)

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26 minutes ago, lolpwnz89 said:

Problem solved! topic to close.


will lock it unless u are free to explain how u did what so others can do the same thing :) 

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