★ Rules★ Read before posting.

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FiveM Guides Rules

WARNING: Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for breaking them.


- Before posting make sure you meet the criteria:

  • Do not ask for help here. Use proper section for that, here.
  • Always put a simple explanation of what you are sharing.
  • Use pastebin or the code tag for your codes (for ex. [ code ] your code [ /code ] without the spaces).
  • If you are not the owner of the guide, please add the proper credits, else you will be smitted.
  • Your files must be tested before you make a guide. We do not want to become a junkyard of non-working guides.
  • Remember that this section is international, so you can not use your own native language. English is required.
  • Do not make one single word post like "thanks". Your post should provide feedback whether the server files are working or not, else you want to suggest something (server improvements, new features, etc).
  • Do not post already made guides. Unless if you a more recent/working guide in case things have changed and give the real credits.
  • Your topic must include one of the following prefixes. YwRQY8u.png


- A guide must contain:

  • Neccessary program(s) used in your guide and general information about the product.
  • Always be as more specific as possible in your guide (do not go offtopic).
  • Pictures, if possible, for a better understanding.
  • Credits.


- For Share Authors:

  1.  We've added a new feature called Hidden Content.
  2. If you want to hide your link from a share or your rar password use [ hide ] tags [ / hide ] to hide your content (Without spaces). 


Topics with request from author the link or the rar password needs to be updated with the Hidden Content code and no longer use the pm system to hide your shares in order to avoid users waiting for the link or the rar password to get a share.


- For Members:

  • Replies like ty, thx are not allowed and will be counted as spam and will be deleted.
  • If you keep posting several replies like ty, thx, etc you will be warned and chat banned without any notice.


Abussive Behavior ("Bulling") on guides is NOT allowed.

Thanks to Elfocrash's topic which was a wake up call from now on if you judge to harshly someone's code or you make a posts such as "trash files", "these files are crap", etc you will receive a warning point for abusive behavior and it will be your first and only chance to change your attitude. The next time you will against this rule you won't be welcomed on our forum any more and your account will be banned.

If you believe you can make a better guide yourself you can simply help the member improve his/her guide or even make an updated version with him/her and let him update his/her topic by adding your updates as an update with the proper credits.

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