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Question !!



I have a dedicated (really dedicated. Not VPS) with the following configurations: 2x Intel Xeon L5420, 16GB RAM, HD: 2X 1Tb, Traffic: 10TB, Usable IP: 1 or 5 Free, Up Link: 100Mb, UpPort: 1000Mb, Anti-DDOS Protection, Windows Server 2012.


I plan to run a High Five (H5) L2JSunrise server.

My question is: How should I allocate and configure my memory for gameserver to support as many players as possible?

and how many online players will it support without lag or crashes ??

Note: I will use Full GEODATA


here is my GameServer.bat settings:

@echo off
title Game Server Console
color 0B
echo Starting L2J Game Server.

java -server -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -Xmx3G -cp config/xml;./../libs/*;core.jar l2r.gameserver.GameServer

REM NOTE: If you have a powerful machine, you could modify/add some extra parameters for performance, like:
REM -Xms1536m
REM -Xmx3072m
REM -XX:+AggressiveOpts
REM Use this parameters carefully, some of them could cause abnormal behavior, deadlocks, etc.
REM More info here: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/tech/vmoptions-jsp-140102.html

if ERRORLEVEL 2 goto restart
if ERRORLEVEL 1 goto error
goto end

echo Admin Restarted Game Server.
goto start

echo Game Server Terminated Abnormally!

echo Game Server Terminated.

Help  me !!

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1 hour ago, HARDECORE said:

why only 6?
could stand how many players online without lag?

Shouldn't I use half? = 8?


I doubt what you find enough people for overflow this limits even. In theory 6G for 5,000 players not enough, but this online  fantastical at this moment.

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Kinda sad thing is, it's HDD, not ssd or even better nvme.

6G is more than enough, you can even set 8G. Doesn't really matter, I guess. Eventually there may be slight difference on GC (garbage collector) cycle. 

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