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It's time, greetings everybody, hope everyone is doing great!
After a whole year filled with a ton of happy moments, a bunch of adventures and experiences from our players

and our staff themselves, we are happy to announce our upcoming masterpiece x3 Interlude project.




OPEN BETA TEST:  May 26th - 21:00 (GMT+2).

OFFICIAL LAUNCH:  May 31st - 21:00 (GMT+2).


Site : https://l2elixir.com

Forum : https://l2elixir.com/forum

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/l2Elixir



Features & Gameplay setup

full information you can find here : https://l2elixir.com/features.php



  • Spoiler


    • br_cash_rune_of_exp_i00.png x3EXP/SP by Monsters
    • br_cash_rune_of_exp_i00.png x5EXP/SP by Raid Bosses
    • etc_adena_i00.png x3Adena
    • etc_wind_rune_i00.png x1.5Seal Stone drop rate
    • etc_move_herb_i01.png x1Herbs drop rate
    • skill4109.png x1Epic Bosses drop




  • Spoiler


    • skilltransform3.png Safe Enchant: +3
    • skilltransform2.png Max Enchant: +16
    • etc_scroll_of_enchant_weapon_i04.png Normal Scroll Chance: 55%
    • etc_blessed_scrl_of_ench_wp_a_i04.png Blessed Scroll Chance: 58%







Quest Name Count/Drop Reward *Notice
Clean up the swamp of screams 1x 2x (*quest reward reduced by 60%)
Zero Hour 1x 0.4x  
Necromancer's Request 1x 2x  
An Ice Merchants Dream 1x 2x  
In the Forgotten Village 1x 2x  
Hot Springs quests for jewels 1x 1x (*requires Lv 76 & 3rd class)
Alliance with Varka/Ketra 1x 1x  
War with Varka/Ketra 1x 1x  
Relics of the old empire 1x 1x  
Gather the Flames 1x 1x  
Exploration of Giant's Cave 1 & 2 2x 1x  
Whisper of dreams 1 & 2 2x 1x  
Legacy of Insolence 2x 1x  
Supplier of Reagents 1x 1x  
Seekers of the holy grail 2x 1x  
Guardians of the holy grail 2x 1x  
The Finest Ingredients 1x 1x  
700 mobs 3rd class transfer 2x 1x  
Heart in search of power 2x 1x  
Stolen Dignity 2x 1x  
Seductive whispers 2x 1x  
Black Swan 2x 1x  
Dangerous Seduction 1x 0.5x (adena reward reduced by 50%)
Delicious Top Choice Meat 2x 1x





Etc_nvidia_i00_0.jpg Windows 10 Compatible - YES


K3WrkUQ.jpg Multibox - TBD
The limit of boxes per HWID will be decided on 26th May based on this poll.


bQmaAbM.png Autopickup - TBD
The pickup method of the server will be decided on 26th May based on this poll.


etc_add_buffslot_i03.png Total buff slots 18 +4 +2 (Divine Inspiration & "Clan Efficiency" clan skill)
  → Joining a Lv 5 Clan or more provides you with +2 buff slots.


skill0349.png Retail buff duration (Dance and Song duration is 3 minutes)
  → Dance & Song duration for Elixir Plus users is 5 minutes


skill1170.png All skills are autolearn.


weapon_unique_zariche_i00.png Cursed Weapons - from 21st of June.


Etc_exchange_box_i00_0.jpg Offline Shops - YES, by using the command .offline after you setup a private store.


etc_quest_subclass_reward_i00.png Subclass - requires the retail quest.


etc_equip_item_box_i00.png Class Transfer - By completing the retail quest or by purchasing the class transfer on elixir store.


etc_ssq_scroll_i00.png Seven Signs - Monday, 10th of June 2019.





skill1204.png Unique Newbie Guide provides you with buffs for free until 51 level.
   Buff time of the buffs received from Newbie Guide is 1 hour.
   Elixir Plus subscribers can use it without any level limit.


skill0000.png Unique teleports in the gatekeeper of every Town.
   Teleports showing also the level of the monsters located around the hunting zone.
   Unique Teleports are available only for Elixir Plus subscribers.


weapon_bbyong_hammer_a_i00.png Auction House in Community board available only for Equipment & Scrolls.
   Everybody can make purchases through the Auction House, 
     although only Elixir Plus subscribers can submit items for sale.
   Setting up a sales private store in Giran, will automatically insert your items in      Auction House if you are owner of Elixir Plus subscription.


time_weapon_sprites_staff_i00.png Shadow Helper NPC located in all Villages & Towns.
   You can exchange your shadow coupons for NG/D-Grade/C-Grade 
     shadow armors sets & shadow weapons.
   Shadow Armor Sets providing also the bonuses of the set.


skilltransform2.png Raid Informer NPC located in all Villages & Towns near the Gatekeepers.
   Provides information of all the Raid Bosses current status.
   Provides information of all the Raid Bosses death time.
   Raid Informer NPC service is available only for Elixir Plus subscribers.


Etc_musical_note_i02_0.jpg Q: Would you like support classes to be able setup an offline Buff Store and earn profit? You can vote on this poll.


skill1363.png Shift & Click on the monster or raid boss shows its droplist & chances.


etc_codex_of_giant_i00.png All Giants Codex, Enchant Scrolls & Life Stones are stackable.


Etc_quest_add_reward_i00_0.jpg Trade Chat (+) has global range and works with 5 seconds delay accessible only by Elixir Plus subscribers.


bQmaAbM.png In a Command Channel, only the CC leader has the looting rights of an Epic Boss. Even if the most damage party leaves the CC, only CC leader is able to obtain the loots.


etc_crystal_red_i00.png High Lv Anakazel Rift requires a full party in order to enter.


demonic.png Only one party can face Anakazel at the same time in Rift. When one party is in the Anakazel's room, all the other parties entering will not be able to meet the red room of the Rift.


skill1309.png Overlord buffs do NOT affect alliance members.


skill1284.png Overlord buffs affect party members as well.


etc_letter_blue_i00.png Dualsword Craft Stamp added in Merchant of Mammon for 1.500.000 Ancient Adena.


skill1258.png Skill "Restore Life" cannot be used in World Bosses but it can be used in normal RBs.


accessory_ring_of_core_i00.png Ring of Core provides +4 accuracy instead of +1.


qF8V1j2.png Voting Elixir
   Vote Rune is a 12 hours duration Rune, providing 15% CP/HP/MP regeneration, 4% Atk. Speed by , 4% Casting Speed, 6% P. Defence, 6% M. Defence & 4% Speed.
   Vote Reward Rune is given as reward after voting to all the logged in characters of the voted computer. (HWID)
   Vote Reward also provides 2 Event Glittering Medals, only to the character that types the .votereward command.


etc_event_glitter_medal_i00.png Event Medal Collector
   Medals are dropped by 20+ level monsters by every monster in lineage 2 world.
   Medals can be exchanged in Exclusive Shop for various items such as:
  etc_scroll_of_enchant_weapon_i04.png Enchant Scrolls / etc_con_hena_i01.png Greater Dyes / etc_crystal_blue_i00.png Soul Crystals
  etc_mineral_rare_i03.png Life Stones / etc_barka_badge_officer_i02.png Quest Items / etc_flute_i00.png Dragonflutes
  etc_potion_scarlet_i00.png Consumables / accessory_jester_cap_i00.png Accessories / etc_small_ultra_bomb_i00.png Fireworks


Etc_crystal_cave_key_i02_0.jpg 4-digit PIN code upon login of a character.
   Unverified accounts can be used with limited options.
   You can still share your account, but do NEVER give away your 4-digit PIN code.










dWb6nhI.png kvSwLsq.png cPr367J.png dQP3XTD.png Dg5rPTH.png


















- This command will give you all the info you need about any item, any monster and their drop lists.












- Use this command to check the monsters you need to kill in order to Level up your Soul Crystal.

First of all you need to have one of these items in your inventory:

  • qAWb8D4.jpg Red Soul Crystal
  • BjC2xLr.jpg Green Soul Crystal
  • 2fgFK0O.jpg Blue Soul Crystal

If you don't have any Soul Crystals in your 
inventory this is the screen that will appear when you type the .soulcrystal command


Once you obtain your Soul Crystal, whatever stage it is, type again .soulcrystal and you will be prompted to the following screen


This command will show you all the information you need to know about your Soul Crystal level-up, the Monsters you need to kill, their level, the chances your crystal has to level-up but also the recipient of the reward (Whole Party, Last Attacker, Random Party Member).



  • 10 days olympiad period - starting from 1st of July 2019.
  • Heroes will appear on 1st, 11th and 21st day every month.
  • Olympiad operates every day from 19:00 until 01:00 GMT+2.
  • Both class based & non classed based competitions are available.
  • skill0472.png *7 Required registrants to begin non class based competition daily.
  • skill0472.png *3 Required registrants to begin class based competition daily.
  • skill0472.png *17 Required registrants to begin non class based competition last day.
  • skill0472.png *4 Required registrants to begin class based competition last day.
  • Mages get: skill1085.png Acumen Lv 2, skill1059.png Empower Lv 2 & skill1204.png Wind Walk Lv 2 before game.
  • Fighters receive: skill1086.png Haste Lv 1, skill1068.png Might Lv 1 & skill1204.png Wind Walk Lv 2 before game.
  • etc_alphabet_i_i00.png Participants can register only 1x character per HWID into the olympiad games.
  • skill1218.png Participants are fully healed only when they enter the stadium and not before the game begins.
  • skill0067.png Entering the stadium all cubics, pets or summons are erased, except Soultaker's.
  • skill0172.png Using common craft and targeting your self with a special ability buff weapon will not provide any buff.



Etc_question_mark_i00_0.jpg Q: We've created a unique Raid Boss spawn protection to counter the users with automated sounds upon a Raid Boss spawn, do you think it should exist on the live server? You can vote on this poll. 
(Excluding World Bosses & Raid Bosses that are in instance zone or summoned, such as Shadow of Halisha, Anakazel, Soul of Fire Nastron, Emperor Bumbalump etc.)

dragon.png All the Raid Bosses respawn is 12-20 hours. (except Ember 12 - 36h)
etc_quest_subclass_reward_i00.png All the Sub-Class Raid Bosses respawn is 16 - 24 hours.
   Subclass Quest boxes appear for 1 minute after raid's death

Etc_question_mark_i00_0.jpg Q: Should it exist a global announcement some time before the spawn of specific Raid Bosses? (Subclass-Noblesse) You can vote on this poll. 
(Cabrio, Death Lord Hallate, Kernon, Longhorn Golkonda,Barakiel)

skill1323.png Noblesse Raid Boss - Flame of Splendor Barakiel respawn is 12 - 16 hours.
skill0483.png PvP Zones inside Baium's Lair, Valakas Nest & Antharas Nest.
skill0000.png Unique combat zones in TOI 13, Imperial Tomb near Frintezza's NPC, Forge of the Gods from arround Klein until Valakas Heart & in Antharas Lair near Heart of Warding.

There is no limit of players allowed to enter Antharas & Valakas Nest.



accessory_ring_of_queen_ant_i00.png Queen Ant respawn is 24 - 26 hours.
accessory_ring_of_core_i00.png Core respawn is 36 - 38 hours.
accessory_earring_of_orfen_i00.png Orfen respawn is 36 - 38 hours.
accessory_earring_of_zaken_i00.png Zaken respawn is 43 - 45 hours.

Etc_question_mark_i00_0.jpg Q: Baium, Antharas & Valakas Epic Bosses should have a standard prime time respawn window? You can vote on this poll.

accessory_ring_of_baium_i00.png Baium respawn is TBD.

 1st Baium → spawns 11th of June, 2019 21:00-24:00 GMT+2.


weapon_knife_i01.png Entering the Baium's Lair will open up a window to choose:       
   If you are here for the Sub-Class Quest

 If you are here to Challenge the Raid


6tChvUX.png dn7SxFt.gif


accessory_necklace_of_frintessa_i00.png Frintezza respawn is 48 - 50 hours.

 1st Frintezza spawns 9th of July, 2019 21:00-23:00 GMT+2.


accessory_earring_of_antaras_i00.png Antharas respawn is TBD

 1st Antharas spawns 18th of July, 2019 22:00-24:00 GMT+2.


accessory_necklace_of_valakas_i00.png Valakas respawn is TBD
   1st Valakas spawns 26th of July, 2019 22:00-24:00 GMT+2.




accessory_academy_i00.png Dismissing an academy member does not provide penalty to the clan.
etc_scroll_of_return_agit_i00.png Only Lv 6 and above clans may bid for Clan Halls.
accessory_crown_i00.png Only Lv 6 and above clans may register on Castle Sieges.
skill1374.png Heroes provide 3 time less clan reputation points reward to the Clan.
etc_bloodpledge_point_i00.png Castles provide 2 times less clan reputation points reward to the Clan.
skill4111.png Raid Boss ranking provides x1.5 more Clan Reputation Points reward than retail.
skill0194.png Clan skill "Clan Efficiency" can be learned by a 5lv. Clan for free from a Grand Master. Increases clan members buff slots by 2.

Enemy war tags appear with an orange coloured name.

skill5076_a.png Clan Penalties
   24h Leave Clan Penalty.
   12h Clan Expell Penalty.
   72h Delete Clan Penalty.
skill0390.png Clan Size
   20 members maximum, Main Clan.
   10 members maximum, Royal Guard Until.
   5 members maximum, Order of Knights Unit.
   20 members maximum, Academy limit.



gludio.jpg Castle: Gludio Castle
Lord: No Castle Owner
Clan: NPC
Alliance: NONE
1st Gludio Siege on Saturday 8th of June 2019, 18:00 & every 2 weeks.
dion.jpg Castle: Dion Castle
Lord: No Castle Owner
Clan: NPC
Alliance: NONE
1st Dion Siege on Sunday 9th June of 2019, 18:00 & every 2 weeks.
giran.jpg Castle: Giran Castle
Lord: No Castle Owner
Clan: NPC
Alliance: NONE
1st Giran Siege on Saturday 22nd of June 2019, 21:00 & every 2 weeks.
innadril.jpg Castle: Innadril Castle
Lord: No Castle Owner
Clan: NPC
Alliance: NONE
1st Innadril Siege on Sunday 23rd of June 2019, 21:00 & every 2 weeks.
oren.jpg Castle: Oren Castle
Lord: No Castle Owner
Clan: NPC
Alliance: NONE
1st Oren Siege on Saturday 6th of July 2019, 21:00 & every 2 weeks.
rune.jpg Castle: Rune Castle
Lord: No Castle Owner
Clan: NPC
Alliance: NONE
1st Rune Siege on Sunday 7th of July 2019, 21:00 & every 2 weeks.
schuttgart.jpg Castle: Schuttgart Castle
Lord: No Castle Owner
Clan: NPC
Alliance: NONE
1st Schuttgart Siege on Saturday 20th of July 2019, 18:00 & every 2 weeks.
aden.jpg Castle: Aden Castle
Lord: No Castle Owner
Clan: NPC
Alliance: NONE
1st Aden Siege on Wednesday 24th of July 2019, 22:00 & every 2 weeks.
goddard.jpg Castle: Goddard Castle
Lord: No Castle Owner
Clan: NPC
Alliance: NONE
1st Goddard Siege on Sunday 4th of August 2019, 18:00 & every 2 weeks.




Good luck everyone!

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