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[L2j] L2 Virus


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Opening : Friday, 1st March 20:00 GMT+2


This is a full Custom Interlude server, without insane stats (items stats are close to A/S grade stats)




After a long time of deciding and considering we have finally decided to open our gates on Friday 1st of March 2019 20:00 GMT+2. We are looking forward to you!


Just give it a try



  • Experience:300x.
  • Skill Points:300x.
  • Adena:1200x
  • Safe 3/Max 16
  • Normal Scroll:50%
  • Blessed Scroll:40% (You don't loose enchant level if you fail)
  • Crystal Scroll:100% (Rb/Vote)


  • Stackable active augments.(1 passive + ∞ actives)
  • Mid Grade LS:10%.
  • High-Grade LS:15%
  • Top-Grade LS:25% (Rb/Vote)



  • Dyes
  • Lifestones
  • Book of Giants
  • Enchant Scrolls
  • Book of Giants
  • Custom Armor (Poseidon)
  • Custom Weapons (Lindvior)
  • 60+ Custom masks & haristyles.
  • 2 Agathions.
  • Wings
  • 2 Custom Cloaks (Mage & Fighter)
  • 5 Custom Shields (Nephilim Lord & I.Warlord Zombie)
  • Epic jewels
  • Clan Skills
  • Clan level quest items.
  • Noblesse Coin
  • Hero Coin



  • Farm: Langk Lizardmen Dwellings (Moobs wich drop some of the items mentioned above)
  • Farm-PvP: Den Of Evil (Auto-Flag zone on enter, you must fight for your spot.Better drop than on "Farm zone".
  • Raid Boss Zone:Baium's Lair .There is 1 powerful raidboss inside this area (Bakasura). Take your clan and defeat Raid Bosses to get large amounts of items.Beware,your clan is not the only one present there so you must also conquer the Nest.

virus mxc.jpg

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4 hours ago, karydas said:

Hello....good luck with your server :) I just want to ask if the stats are ''crazy'' I mean 4953495 att speed etc.. etc...etc...


Hello mate, nope they are not.

There is not big difference between Draconic and Light set for example,

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