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Grand Opening: 26 October 2018 at 19:00 (gmt+1)

OBT: ~12 October 2018 at 19:00 (gmt+1)


Site: https://l2e-global.com/

Forum: https://l2e-global.com/forum/

All info about server: https://l2e-global.com/forum/threads/gracia-final-x7-october-2018.32749/

Basic rates: EXP & SP x7, Raid EXP & SP x7

  • Exp & SP depends on monster level, which you farm:
    • From 1 to 77 level of monster - static x7 rate;
    • Starting from 78 level of monster - from x7 to x4 gradually.
  • Premium Account provide +30% personal EXP and SP bonus.



Etc_adena_i00_0.jpgBasic rates: Adena x5 

Etc_wind_rune_i00_0.jpgBasic rates: Seal Stones x3
  • Chance Adena and Seal Stones - basic, 70%;
  • Amount of Seal Stones - х3, fixed, doesn't depend on monster level;
  • Amount of Adena depends on monster level:
    • From 1 to 60 level - fixed rate х5;
    • From 61 to 77 level - from х5 to х3 gradually;
    • Starting from 78 level of monster - fixed rate x3.
  • Premium Account provide +25% to amount of Adena and Seal Stones.


 Basic rates: Drop x4, Raid Drop x3, Epic Drop x1

  • Amount of item drop is basic, x1;
  • Chance of items drop is depending on level of the monster, overrun the 100% will cause to increasing of items amount;
    • From 1 to 60 level - fixed rate х4;
    • From 61 to 77 level - from х4 to х3 gradually;
    • Starting from 78 level of the monster - fixed rate х3.
  • Premium Account provide +25% to drop rate.


     Skill0254_0.jpgBasic rates: Spoil x3
    • Amount of received items is basic, x1;
    • Chance of items receiving x3, overrun the 100% will cause to increasing of items amount;
    • Premium Account provide +25% to the chance of receiving items (to character, who have spoiled => gather spoile)


    • .Basic rates for Quests: Adena/Exp/Sp/Item - x2/3/3/1




First respawn should be counted from the servers Grand Opening, for example first AQ will appears in interval of 24 to 25 hours from the server Grand Opening.

     Queen Ant - 24h +/- 1h;
     Orfen - 36h +/- 1h;
     Core - 36h +/- 1h;
     Zaken - 48h +/- 1h;
     Scarlet van Halisha - 48h +/- 1h;
     Baium - 5 days +/- 2h;
     Antharas - 8 days +/- 1h;
     Valakas - 11 days, without random.

All Raid Bosses are alive from the server opening.

     Subclass Raid Bosses (Cabrio, ToI 3, 8, 11) - from 8 to 12h;
     Noblesse Raid Boss Flame of Splendor Barakiel - from 8 to 10h;
     Regular Raid Bosses - from 12 to 20h.
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8 minutes ago, AchYlek said:

pvp barakiel 100vs100 ;d and not roa there 




 beast is back :P

vercetti 20k online again?

Edited by SkyLord
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Trash server, don't even bother logging. Paid ru clans for promotion, then cash grab for vip and autoloot.


AUTOLOOT FOR DONATION??? who does that

Edited by isaiahbone2
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This is a crappy L2 server which was opened by L2 eglobal and Lineage2dex.. what a fail... bots and fake online players, nothing new. They WIPE Gracia Final every year "once in a year" lol.


What's the point in playing and losing items every year?.. 

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