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WTS [Core] Adena and Characters summer sale!

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Here we go, leaving Core. 

As I did in the past selling out the leftover stuff, delivering shiny adena and sexy characters for you!

The characters always get transferred to your email + phone number, maximum security. 


Core + Ramona server adena 10€ / B. 



Ready to roll characters

(with some gear, good level, poor abandoned chars just need a new Master)


Sayha 102 / Feoh 104

Hero pretender and farmer / PvP Beast DD

Plenty of Vit stars and Love Pots


Class Levels Shirt Jewels Talisman Misc Extra Factions
Sayha Hero pret. 102,1 Shiny +10 Lv 4 Sapphire Sayha 5 Brooch 5 slot Emp Echo lv 13 Acu Atelia 7
Feoh Storm 104,3 Physical +10 Lv 4 Obsidian  Longing Bracelet +4 INT Exalted 4,5 Giants 6
    Maphr +10 Lv 4 Opal   Taurus 12 Vit items GoS 6
      Lv 4 Diamond       Hellbound 6
Lilith char     Lv 4 Pearl       EV 4
Anakim char     Lv 4 Tanzanite       Hunters 4
      Lv 4 Vital       Fishing 5
Crafter     Lv 4 Emerald     +++ slots  
      Lv 3 Blue Cat     Lv8 clan  
      Lv 3 Amethyst        




Sayha 101 / Healer 104

Badass PoWind Healer


Class Levels Shirt Jewels Talisman Misc Extra Factions
Sayha 101,1 Physical +10 Lv 4 Diamond Sayha 5 Brooch 5 slot Mass Mana lv10 Def Atelia 8
Healer PoW 104,3 Maphr +7 Lv 4 Pearl   Bracelet +4 CON Resist lv13 Empower Giants 6
      Lv 3 Obsidian   Virgo 4 Exalted 4,5 GoS 6
Lilith char     Lv 3 Garnet     Vit items / Runes Hellbound 6
      Lv 3 Emerald       EV 4
      Lv 3 Pearl       Hunters 5
      Lv 3 Tanzanite       Fishing 3




Titan 103 / Tank 101

Ultimate farmer machine, can solo any instance

Tank available for CPs


Class Levels Shirt Jewels Talisman Misc Extra Factions
Tyrr Titan 103,1 Paagrio +7 Lv 3 Obsidian   Brooch 5 slot Tank aura +10 Atelia 3
Phoenix Knight 101,7   Lv 3 Ruby   Bracelet +4 STR Titan skills mid enchant Giants 3
      Lv 3 Red Cat   Bracelet +4 CON Exalted 3,5 GoS 2
Lilith char     Lv 3 Opal   Taurus 4 Vit items / Runes Hellbound 3
Anakim char     Lv 3 Diamond     Joon 30 days EV 2
Pavel char     Lv 3 Pearl       Hunters 3
Baium char     Lv 3 Garnet       Fishing 4






Support accounts 

(perfect to box, use to farm or solo any content)



Wynn 101 / Yul 101

Okay this one low and cheap. 

Lv 3 Obsi, Lv 3 Ruby equipped

Bracelet +3 STR

Exalted lv 2

Coming with VIT items and Runes


Feoh 102 / Heal 101

Lv 3 Sapphire

Exalted lv 3


Iss Hiero 101

Iss Hierophant with PoM

Wynn 100 for farming on the account + VIT items


Iss Hiero 101

Iss Hierophant with PoM


Iss Doom 99

Lilith/Anakim chars on the account


SoSBox 100

Noblesse character, can use jumps

Dragon quests ready


Crafter 99

+15 Luck Dye on, great crafter



Paypal only. 

Thank you!

Edited by Adamo

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      Adena : 4x
      Drop Items: 3x
      Spoil: 2x
      Recs-Keys: 2x
      Quest Experience (EXP): 2x
      Quest Skill Points (SP): 2x
      Quest Adena: 2x
      Quest Drop Items: 2x
      Weight Limit: 1x
      Manor: 2x
      Extract Fish: 2x Accesories
      Pets, Clan Section
      AA Exchange, Event Exchange, Sell (Epic bosses)

      Ant Queen - Respawn = 36 hour Respawn Random + - 17 hour
      Beleth - Respawn = 192 hour Respawn Random + - 36 hour
      Baium - Respawn = 120 hour Respawn Random + - 10 hour
      Antharas - Respawn = 192 hour Respawn Random + - 12 hour
      Valakas - Respawn = 264 hour Respawn Random + - 12 hour Instances: Normal Freya - Required players 10-27
      Instances: Hard Freya - Required players 36-45
      Instances: Frintezza - Required players 36-45
      Instances: Zaken Daytime - lvl-83, Required players 9-27
      Instances: Zaken Daytime - lvl-60, Required players 9-27
      Instances: Zaken Nightly - lvl-60, Required players 72-450
      Instances: Tiat, Required players 36-45
      Instances: Beleth, Required players 36   Safe Enchant: 3
      Max. Enchant: 16
      Normal Scroll chance: 60%
      Blessed Scroll chance: 60% Elemental Max. Level: Level 7
      Elemental Stone chance: 40%
      Elemental Crystal chance: 30%
      Sub-Class Max. Level : 85
      Off-line Shop mode
      Vitality System
      Unique Community Board
      Drop list Search Engine
      Wedding System
      Event Engine
      Clan tab
      Achievement Engine
      Player ranking
      Personal control panel
      Max. Clients per PC : 2
      Olympiads Max. Enchant : 6
      Geodata and Pathnodes
      Raid Boss event
      All quest and instances working
      Everything inside is made in java, nothing python
      Skills using official formulas
      Simulate Official Kernels
      AntiBot protection
      DDoS protection
      The subsidy reduced to a minimum
      Location:France Buff Slots : 20+4
      Dance and Songs Slots : 12
      Duration of buffs - retail   Mini Events
      Team vs Team
      Team vs Team advanced
      Capture the Flag
      Mass Domination
      Last Man Standing
      Lucky Chest
      Treasure Hunt
      Treasure Hunt PVP

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