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The Idea: 

Hello, so yesterday i was playing a PC game for 2 weeks and as i am a detailed player when i play i had collect every item and reached 70%. Until ubisoft decided that my game had to stuck from their bug

and save file got corrupted and i couldn't revive it. (Could not roll back it was 3 weeks ago only available). So i decide to make for fun my little software to avoid this in nearly future.


How it works: 

It's an easy program without configurations and buttons e.t.c. It works with just drag and drop (One file or multiple). Once you drag your files inside (Up to 25 mb each),

you will be asked to insert a name for the folder that files will be stored (as backup). Once you do, every 5 minute in your C:\, it will be copied to backup folder. After 10 instances

it will start to remove/delete the oldest copies. The backup folder will look like this: C:\Evie\Assassins Creed\18:31\*All files*

In addition you can delete afterwards the paths you created with just 1 click onto the "Data" button and then select which path you want to delete. You don't have to access

manually the evie.frye txt that holds the data inside. It's all automatic, fast and easy to work.


Any further update:

Well i just plan to add a simple mouse roll to increase the backup time or decrease it (in minutes) but thats all. I ain't make it complicated.


So if you play any UBISOFT game or any other game that might crash or you have files that u want to be saved every X time this program is the right for you! No installation, no complicated stuff.

Make sure to watch the preview bellow, is just 1 minute. 

Let me know if you like my little piece of "software". 


Link to Video: Youtube

Link to download: Mediafire


Ps. i didn't know where to add this topic andi dont want it to be at off-topic or spam section. So i let it here.



Fixed: Open data window more than 1 time.

Added: Live timer to know when is the next backup. 


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3 hours ago, Evie Frye said:


Thx, did you use it or just read the preview?

read preview and saw the preview vid. it certainly can be usefull and i find it a nice one

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On 15/2/2018 at 11:02 PM, Evie Frye said:

Oki thanks!

np,good that shared legendary backup scheduler,again very good one.


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