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L2 Fortuna - For The Brave
Welcome to Lineage II Fortuna - Private server. Our purpose is to provide a clean and balanced server based on our gaming experience through the years. Our staff, based on experienced former players and a strongly motivated owners are here to provide the best possible game experience to players.
We are pleased to announce the launch of Open Beta starting January 29th through February 2nd.
In the Beta phase we will try to get as much feedback as we can from our players to be ready on our official launch.
Note: You will be able to download the patch from January 28th.

Server Rates
Experience (XP): x1000
Skill Points (SP): x1000
Adena: x1
Drop: x3
RaidBoss Drop: x5
Server Enchants
Safe Enchant: +3 
Maximum Enchant: +12
Normal Enchant Scroll: 65%
Blessed Enchant Scroll: 75%
Divine Enchant Scroll: 50% (When enchant fails, the existing enchant value is retained.)
Ancient Enchant Scroll: 100%
Element Crystal: 100% (One Elemental Crystal means instantly level 7)
Server Buffs
Buffs, Dances and Songs duration: 3 Hours
Buff Slots: 32+4
Dance and Songs Slots: 16
Server Features
Weekly TW Every Saturday
Weekly Sieges Every Sunday
Free Subclass, Sub-Class Max. Level: 85
Class Master Available
Auto Learn Skills
Droplist Search Engine
Auction System
Champions System (Extra reward)
Full Ranking Manager

Top PvP, Top PK, Top Deaths, Oly Games Won, Oly High Score, Deaths in Siege, Raids Killed, Recommends, Times Hero

Flawless Geodata and Geoengine
Custom Spawn and defeated system

Announcement when raids spawn plus the name of the player and the clan that killed it(Baium has been spawned, Baium has been defeated by Admin of clan GameMasters

PvP Assist Reward System (Supports also)
Canceled Buffs return in 7 seconds
Maximum Sub classes: 5
Unique Community Board (ALT + B with Every function you need)
Auto Potions: .autopots (CP-HP-MP)
Custom Instances(3 Members required)
PvP Color System


Special Castle Cloak

Is allowed to be equipped by the owner and clan members. Increases P/M. Def/HP/CP/Speed

Killing Spree System

By acquiring kills in row there will be Announcements for 30, 60 & 90 PvP's in row. By acquiring 30 kills without dieing players will receive Hero Status and an Announcement will show up announcing the Player's name and the achievement of the Hero Status. Also when player dies there will be an Announcement as well that will inform players about his Death and the Hero Status removal. If you do not die you will have the Hero Status until your restart or your exit from our game.

Advance PvP Feed Protection

In order to avoid feeding PvP's, we've added this system which will stop Players feeding for their PvP count. If you kill someone more than once in 25 seconds period the PvP won't count and your PvP count will be reduced by 1.

Solo PvP Zone

Inside Solo PvP Zone names and clan/ally crests are hidden and their names are replaced with their Class name.• You cannot speak inside Solo PvP Zone. • By entering Solo PvP Zone you're auto flagged.• If you die you will random respawn to 1 of our 4 spawn locations.

Mass PvP Zone

Inside Mass PvP Zone there are no restrictions. You can PvP there with your Clan/Party. Since there will be small Clans or Parties inside the Mass PvP Zone we've added the Assist PvP Reward System in order to help everyone to get PvP Rewards since our PvP Rewards will be needed for almost everything you'll need on our server when you'll get ready your gear from our Farm Zones.

Advanced Report System (Includes part of bot protection)
Certifications Skills (On our Server you will have your Certifications Skills on your Sub Classes as well.)
Custom Raid Boss System
Shift click (It allows you to see all the information you're looking for mobs)
Player Shift click

Allows you to see customize panel such as PvP,PK,HP etc, necessary to get bonus before access it

Achievements System

"Farming, Monsters, Epics, Raids" - "PvP, Everything related to PvP - kills, death, etc. - "Clan, Sieges, fortress battles, clan wars, etc." - "Others, Skills, materials, etc." there is level system.

Custom Commands
.whoami (Detailed information about your character)
.online (Shows online players count)
.npcspawn (Manages the spawned NPCs into your clan hall)
.getreward (Vote daily and get your reward)
.report (Report a player or choose from tabs)
.siege (Shows siege information)
.castle (Shows castle information)
.cfg (Character control panel)
.changepassword (Changing the password on your account)
.repair (Debug your character)
.combinetalismans (Combines the remaning time of all talismans of the same type into one talisman)
.ping (Check your latency to the server)
.fp (Easy way to find a party for farm)
Event Engine
Team vs Team
Capture the Flag
Russian Roulette
Treasure Hunt
Olympiad System
Olympiad Max. Enchant Weapon: 6
Olympiad Max. Enchant Armor: 6
Olympiad Max. Enchant Jewel: 6
Olympiad Time Start: 18:00 GMT+2
Olympiad Regist End: 23:50 GMT+2
Olympiad Heroes Every week
Helpful links
Get Rewarded: Get items with a click
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But no matter what,finally we will be speaking with a staff member that actually knows English instead of pakistanogreekoenglish as it's a custom on billy's servers.Rammus 4 president.

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But no matter what,finally we will be speaking with a staff member that actually knows English instead of pakistanogreekoenglish as it's a custom on billy's servers.Rammus 4 president.


Our whole staff is based on experienced English speakers, able to provide any help you might need inside the game. 


We'd be pleased to see all of you playing our server!



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Nope not the same files like aeron with over 9000 ninja updates



Waiting for this

We will be more than happy to see you playing in our project, thank you for your comment!

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    • https://github.com/binance/binance-futures-connector-java   Use their API, And then you can convert it to be used on your Multisell.
    • WTB 414 interface source (4game), compiler, xdat editor.  
    • Edit ItemsAutoDestroy#addItem method, simply enforce whatever timer you want. L2J already handles your case, eg. herbs naturally dissapear after a while.
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjJ2uLlRGOc LF something similar to this. ability to do transactions/verify/withdraw/add and history. Do NOT need new window, can be done in html as long as the function works   Serious people only, paying well
    • Hello, I'm having a problem with my drop rates, due to the high amount of loot that Champions give I made it so that non-stackable items drop on the ground (since going over 500 items in the inventory disables a character), the problem is that in the long run sometimes Champions dropped hundreds or thousands of non-stackable items on the ground, causing massive lag, lowering the drop rate/chance isn't a possibility since that would mean massively decreasing the chance of item to be dropped from a regular mob, to solve this I just set the MultipleItemDrop config to False, with that only 1 item is created if the item is non-stackable   HOWEVER the problem is that now whenever I'm doing a quest and the NPC gives 2 or more items of the same ID (like the Spirit of Mirrors quest in the Human Village) I get only 1 instead, making the quest impossible to complete, I went into the core and noticed 2 variables affected by the MultipleItemDrop config: dropItem and addItem, I thought that maybe creating a new config and separating both would solve the problem, and it did, but after that if someone logged out while having equipped any item other than NG then the character would be unable to enter again, and a massive error appears on the console when someone tries to login said character, the error was basically StackOverflowError which with my really lacking knowledge of java it means that something is on an infinite loop   With that situation happening I think that now my safest option is to just limit the amount of items dropped on the ground, how can I do this? here's the code for the item drop:   public L2ItemInstance dropItem(L2PcInstance player, int itemId, long itemCount) { L2ItemInstance item = null; for (int i = 0; i < itemCount; i++) { // Randomize drop position. final int newX = (getX() + Rnd.get((RANDOM_ITEM_DROP_LIMIT * 2) + 1)) - RANDOM_ITEM_DROP_LIMIT; final int newY = (getY() + Rnd.get((RANDOM_ITEM_DROP_LIMIT * 2) + 1)) - RANDOM_ITEM_DROP_LIMIT; final int newZ = getZ() + 20; if (ItemTable.getInstance().getTemplate(itemId) == null) { LOG.error("Item doesn't exist so cannot be dropped. Item ID: {} Quest: {}", itemId, getName()); return null; } item = ItemTable.getInstance().createItem("Loot", itemId, itemCount, player, this); if (item == null) { return null; } if (player != null) { item.getDropProtection().protect(player); } item.dropMe(this, newX, newY, newZ); // Add drop to auto destroy item task. if (!Config.LIST_PROTECTED_ITEMS.contains(itemId)) { if (((Config.AUTODESTROY_ITEM_AFTER > 0) && !item.getItem().hasExImmediateEffect()) || ((Config.HERB_AUTO_DESTROY_TIME > 0) && item.getItem().hasExImmediateEffect())) { ItemsAutoDestroy.getInstance().addItem(item); } } item.setProtected(false); // If stackable, end loop as entire count is included in 1 instance of item. if (item.isStackable() || !Config.MULTIPLE_ITEM_DROP) { break; } } return item; } And the code for the itemdrop on L2Attackable.java:   public void doItemDrop(L2NpcTemplate npcTemplate, L2Character mainDamageDealer) { if (mainDamageDealer == null) { return; } L2PcInstance player = mainDamageDealer.getActingPlayer(); // Don't drop anything if the last attacker or owner isn't L2PcInstance if (player == null) { return; } CursedWeaponsManager.getInstance().checkDrop(this, player); if (isSpoiled()) { _sweepItems.set(npcTemplate.calculateDrops(DropListScope.CORPSE, this, player)); } Collection<ItemHolder> deathItems = npcTemplate.calculateDrops(DropListScope.DEATH, this, player); if (deathItems != null) { for (ItemHolder drop : deathItems) { L2Item item = ItemTable.getInstance().getTemplate(drop.getId()); // Check if the autoLoot mode is active if (isFlying() || ((!item.hasExImmediateEffect() && ((!isRaid() && Config.AUTO_LOOT) && (item.isStackable() || (isRaid() && Config.AUTO_LOOT_RAIDS)))) || (item.hasExImmediateEffect() && Config.AUTO_LOOT_HERBS))) { player.doAutoLoot(this, drop); // Give the item(s) to the L2PcInstance that has killed the L2Attackable } else { dropItem(player, drop); // drop the item on the ground } // Broadcast message if RaidBoss was defeated if (isRaid() && !isRaidMinion() && (drop.getCount() > 0)) { final SystemMessage sm = SystemMessage.getSystemMessage(SystemMessageId.C1_DIED_DROPPED_S3_S2); sm.addCharName(this); sm.addItemName(item); sm.addLong(drop.getCount()); broadcastPacket(sm); } } } }   Thanks in advance
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