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Earthquake Olympiad



Hello. I am using aCis last source and I can't figure out how to allow Earthquake skill to be used before the olympiad match starts.


Titans can't use this skill and I want to allow it.

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you mean datapack?


here it is:

	<skill id="347" levels="1" name="Earthquake">
		<set name="baseCritRate" val="20"/>
		<set name="hpConsume" val="340"/>
		<set name="mpConsume" val="87"/>
		<set name="weaponsAllowed" val="POLE" /> <!-- Pole -->
		<set name="magicLvl" val="78"/>
		<set name="power" val="4040"/>
		<set name="element" val="4" /> <!-- Earth -->
		<set name="ignoreShld" val="true"/>
		<set name="overHit" val="true"/>
		<set name="SSBoost" val="2.0"/>
		<set name="target" val="TARGET_AURA"/>
		<set name="skillRadius" val="150"/>
		<set name="skillType" val="PDAM"/>
		<set name="isDebuff" val="true" />
		<set name="operateType" val="OP_ACTIVE"/>
		<set name="reuseDelay" val="30000"/>
		<set name="hitTime" val="1800"/>
			<effect name="RemoveTarget" noicon="1" val="0"/>

But I can't find something bad here...

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So... I went to L2PcInstance.java and under checkUseMagicConditions and if skill is offensive


I changed to

			if (isInOlympiadMode() && !isOlympiadStart() && skill.getId() != 347)
				// if L2PcInstance is in Olympia and the match isn't already start, send ActionFailed
				return false;

Now titans can use Earthquake but if they go near their opponent, and use skill, they can damage them before match starts.

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