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Guide How To Get A Free Project Skin

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First buy all the three Red,Green,Blue chest for 750IP each. 



You will have 3 cores and 3 augment cache shards now. Combine 3 augment cache shards to get a Augment Chest.



Now open the Augment Chest. You will get 2 cores and other stuff. Now you have total of 5 cores.




Now go on and buy the 1500IP golden chest. It will give you 7 more cores and 2 Augment Chest shards along with a project skin shard. You'll now have a total of 12 Cores.


The skin shard you got can be activated using 11 cores. You have 12. Just activate it and you got yourself a free Project skin.



P.S.: Total IP Required will be 750+750+750+1500= 3750IP



Ninja edit: Event is over, topic locked.

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