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high five [L2J] L2 Throne


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Don't miss the chance to play the most enjoyable and in same the best high five pvp server of all times.

L2 Thone is a respected projects with lots of works behind.

Be with us on the 3rd of August, many clans and players will join.




WEBSITE       :        FORUM





High Five Part 5


Unique Features

Advanced dressme system with unique weapons/armors (can be disabled)!

PvP Zones rotate every 2 hours

PvP Class Balance

Augmented items can be traded/selled/...

Geodata without errors & wallshots

Subclasses unlimited with Class Specific Certification

Combine Talismans command

Toggle Skill (Auto casting your CP/HP/MP & Bottle of Souls)

Auto enchant skills +30

Custom PvP Zones with Rewards & Spree System. Solo, Mass & Raid

Battlefield ranking which resets every 30 minutes

Rewards to the winners: Heroic glow & skills for 30 minutes

Powerfull Machine with ddos protection

Anti Bot System has been added for a smooth gameplay

It blocks all 3rd party softwares like l2tower, adrenaline and much more


Rates & Enchant

Rates x5000 (instant pvp without farm)

Starting Level: 85

Normal Scrolls: Instant +14 with 1 scroll

Divine Scrolls: max +16 (obtainable by raids & pvps)

Safe/Max Enchant: +14/16

Element Chance: 100% rate with 1 stone Instant lvl 7


General Features

Cancellation System: Buffs returning back after 10 seconds, it doesnt work in olympiad

Offline Shops, mana pots, certifications on subclasses too

Fixed Geodata without wallshoots

Killing Spree system with extra rewards and a buff which increases ur stats!

All kind of cloaks implements (h5, GOD, Heroic + Dominion GOD Siege Cloaks)

PvP Title Color

Maximum Sub-Class Number: No limit

Auto Create Accounts

Many Custom Raids with awesome rewards

Dressme System Including Hide/Show your own cloaks

Buff Slots 40, Songs/Dances slots 18, Trigger Slots 12

Certifications: Instant from NPC (you can also add them on subclasses)

PvP Items can be elemented, augmented and enchanted

Advanced Community Board with players stats

Vote Reward system with unique Vote Bracelet that pops a toogle skill which you can activate

All NPCs needed are implemented (shop, gatekeeper, scheme buffer, services manager, party instance, raid manager)

.menu command with many functions


Olympiad System

Olympiad Period: 1 week (heroes every friday)

Starting Points: 20

Max Olympiad Enchant: +6

Enemy Informer System

Counter Time system (it shows how much time left)

Olympiad Call Time: 60 seconds


Clan / Sieges / Territory Wars

Clan & Ally Penalty has been removed

Castle Sieges weekly + Siege PvP Reward

TW Wards reset once TW starts

Many cool Announcements of Sieges/TW on special chat (yellow color)

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You really  comment on your own server .. ?

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