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this thread has gone unanswered and it is confirmed elfocrash deleted my thread for NO REASON WHATSOEVER

although we can see  here that my thread is perfectly fine and has been unlocked and returned to its proper place by a sensible greek moderator 





this however, is not even a valid response and does not even attempt to address the situation in question

lets go over this sentence by sentence

how dare i report a mod? i reported the faux british mod elfo crash who CLEARLY ABUSES HIS MOD PRIVS BECAUSE OF PERSONAL PROBLEMS AND LOW SELF ESTEEM. what does the second part of your sentence even mean? how am i abusing my powers 'and more' when i have no privs at all? lmao

who do i think i am? ive been a member since 2008 and have witnessed the decline of quality in this forum with increasing corruption and staff getting worse and worse

enough chances? where am i at fault here? LOL


here we can clearly see justice and elfo crash working hand in hand thinking 'we wuz kangz' and abusing their virtual powers as much as possible in attempt to make up for their lack of self worth

i bet they're giggling in skype too saying shit like 'hehe got it!! hehe haha'

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Trumb you write already many bullshit for greeks yet is a greek forum.. Elfocrash is not the best guy but from what i read he had any right to del your topic since you used / created other profil in these 5 days.

You refer to face images yet you no show up your image... and don't tell the guy in the profil photo is you cause you know im one of the best designers and i can already point out

3 cut mistakes 2 light mistakes 2 color mistakes 2 IO mistakes 1 depth mistake 1 texture mistake if you want. So in other word you don't use your real face also, why complain about it.

True people shouldnt be allowed to post other's personal info and i would vouch for perma ban in actions like this (even tho i enjoyed when xdem exposed ThugLife's image and i rofled, still when i found his fb i didn't expose his shitty photos).


Elfo and Justice together? No..  human connection is way too mainstream for him. Even if elfo try to make friendship with Justice i'll KILL them BOTH. I do not allow any contract with other people

to Justice.


You know what you came few minute ago into my topic and called me "retard" because i requested ALEXTOTI'S shared server to be junked. Give me 1 reason why i should start spam forum and no start spam you.

So in other words you might be the shitty person no others.. 5 days ago you were licking me for a code and now you call me retard without not even 1 thank. Someone else is selfish and jerk..


If you were FINE person trust me i would make them quit their lives for 1 month and go for vacations but i see Elfo is fine and you're the shit one now... Greeks are scums, greeks are soap, greeks bla bla bla

yeaa yeaaaaa .. we get it you don't like greeks.. But let me tell you something, in this forum the majority is greeks and you receive help and codes from greeks. If you don't like go at russian or british forums.


Also congrats you comment on your own topic with other account.. http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/201143-report-l2aaron/?do=findComment&comment=2542583

how we call this uhm OH YEA Dissociative identity disorder


Ps. the way you write your topics.. cancer 8th grade.

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You don't leave me another choice.

Really, I am not the guy who likes to ban, although we have warned you so many times. It's not about Greeks only, as there are staffers from other countries too and most of the times, we discuss about such cases.


Racist behaviors are not allowed..... and believe it or not you had so many times to comply with that.

Now, we don't discuss about your sales topic, but for the racist comments.


All your accounts will be banned.

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