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classic [L2Off] Iagaming


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         Ilicit Awakening, provides you with the best gaming experience since 2005.



All OLD Chars and Items ARE BACK!
Find out more

A Strong History

Here at Illicit Awakening, we have worked hard on giving players somthing different then just your average server. Since 2005 we have worked on our custom servers and games and with Illicit Awakening you know you will get somthing unique and fun. When compared to other servers Victoria in a league of our own.

That Classic Old School Experience

You will get that Classic old school experience on Aria! If your bored of the that new heavy bloated complex junk then this  is the server for you. iA gives you that 2004-2005 experience old school style with a fresh modern edge.


Server is designed for PvP

We spent a lot of time to develop and enhance the usability of many of the core areas and game elements. Our focus also helps improve the game for lower skilled players as well, so new players can play too.


Unique Gear and Items

We have a large number of unique and custom items, such as armors, weapons, tattoos and other cool stuff. We have made it so most of the "normal" stuff that you will see on other servers is much easier to get, which will allow you get focus more on custom stuff.

With our custom weapon SAs and cool armors you will have hours of fun! We also have cool tattoos and other crazy stuff you can go create and craft. With all this cool custom gear it gives you a unique PvP experience with more options and setups then some common copypasta server.


Start playing  now!




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wiped or the same ppl with over enchant and no cnahes for new players ?

Ramibala a new  wiped server is on since December with The same Old good stats  and with wiped accounts!

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IA is back? Really?. Why don't you open c3 again?It was fun also that you could enchant items like crystals or scrolls,and when enchanted a ews you could sell it more adena,or enchant the soulshots and press them with an F-Button to activate on every hit. Also i think you won't have the Elemental SUmmoner bug that hits for 2kk dmg when pet used mass hydro blast.IA was from another planet really,idk how it did get that  kind of community back then.Good luck IA,lot of memories and lot of fun and hard laughing times :D

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still alive ? i remember when i started to play l2

IA is 10+ Years alive

IA is back yeah! It is like just you remember, actually IA has never been down, it was always there UP

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    • Hello everyone, I am excited to announce the launch of my new Lineage 2 High Five server! If you're a fan of Lineage 2, you won't want to miss out on the action that my server has to offer. With a High Five chronicle, you can expect a truly unique and immersive gaming experience. My server offers a variety of exciting features, including a balanced economy, custom NPCs, and a friendly and active community. One of the standout features of my server is the focus on PvP. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the world of Lineage 2, you'll find plenty of opportunities to engage in thrilling battles with other players. With our custom PvP system and unique events, you'll never run out of challenges to overcome. But that's not all - my server also offers a range of custom content and quests that will keep you engaged and entertained for hours on end. With regular updates and a dedicated team of developers, you can expect a high-quality and enjoyable gaming experience every time you log in. So what are you waiting for? Join the action on my Lineage 2 High Five server today and experience the thrill of a truly epic adventure!     Cronica High Five Rates: XP x30 SP x30 Adena x10 Drop x10 Spoil x 10 Seal Stone  x10 RateQuestsReward x5 RateQuestsAdenaReward x 5 RateRaidBoss x5 RateQuestsDrop x5 RateSiegeGuard x 1 RateSiegeGuardPA x1 RateManor x 5 Features Server: Free subb class Free class transfer Gm shop grade S Gk global Quest certification :on Siegue castle  monthly :on Olympiad  monthly :on Seven sings free :on 2 HOUR buffs Olympiad max enchant +6 Safe enchant normal 50% Safe enchant blessed 50% EnchantAttributeChance  50% EnchantAttributeCrystalChance =30% EPIC RAID BOSS CONFIG ANTHARAS_RESPAWN_TIME_PATTERN  17DAYS +-120 MINT #Time in minutes, at the end of which, Antharas spawned at the entrance to the lair: ANTHARAS_SPAWN_DELAY = 20 MIN. # Time in minutes, after which, if Antharas is not attacked, he falls asleep ANTHARAS_SLEEP_TIME = 30 # Valakas settings VALAKAS_RESPAWN_TIME_PATTERN  27 DAYS +- 120 M,IN # Time in minutes, at the end of which, Valakas spawned at the entrance to the lair: VALAKAS_SPAWN_DELAY = 10 # Time in minutes, after which, if Valakas is not attacked, he falls asleep: VALAKAS_SLEEP_TIME = 20 # Baium settings BAIUM_RESPAWN_TIME_PATTERN =  8 DAYS +-120 MIN # Time in minutes, after which, if Baium is not attacked, he falls asleep BAIUM_SLEEP_TIME = 30   "We are in beta phase."   L2EUROLATIN HIGH FIVE X30
    • Does anybody found the way to solve problems with precice calculation on drop? i found the same formula of drop in l2jsunrise en l2jserver. https://bitbucket.org/l2jserver/l2j-server-game/src/develop/src/main/java/com/l2jserver/gameserver/model/drops/strategy/IGroupedItemDropCalculationStrategy.java yesterday i check that the problem is with drop group, because for example Celtus npc drops holys on 100% configurated like datapack is comming. but if i creat a drop of holys or an item outside of a group drop. it is droped well.
    • Well, i have to agree with you here, as a community we should respect each other and respect each others interests and not damage them, they unbanned the idiot kara for no reason like 5 times like he will bring something to the community but all he did was to damage it over and over again and i still cant explain why that had to happen, i swear whoever contact me says that he've been scammed by him for atleast 50-100e and some for even much more.   p.s. its a community to provide/share cheats for games not share someone's work.
    • I dont see the unfairness here, I provided free sources to everyone for free, as a Cheater would do, isnt this what MAXCHEATERS were meant to be? Hell YES! As Im aware, the poor subscriber I took over to get your files, had PAID for them. Nobody is scamming anyone, not from my part, since I offered those files for FREE and they are virus free which anyone who have downloaded them can scan and provide full report they're clean as a fresh shaved pussy!   Maxcheaters once was MaxBastards, which i Liked more. It shall rise again for the old memories sake and not become a den full of pussies who are afraid to do what this forum is ALL about.   my 2 cents
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