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interlude [L2Off] Anarchy 17.01.2014 18:30 Gmt +1


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Project for sale !



- Download the latest patch -




- Register your game account -








- Exp/Sp : x35
- Party Exp : x2
- Adena : x75
- Enchant : 66% (lowering by 3% after each enchant)
- Maximum Armor enchant : +8
- Maximum Weapon enchant : +12
- Enchants for S to be in shop for high price and also in farm zones on low chance


- Starting in Aden
- 20 HP, 20 MP
- Starting with top no-grade weapon
- Starting with infinity soulshot/blessed spirit shot no-grade


- Buffer with basic 2nd class buffs (Including Champion/Renewal/G.Might/G.Shield/PoFire/PoWater/CoV)
- Vip coin which will give you acces to other buffs including shemes
- Buffs 1H duration time
- Retail duration for player retail buffs


- Class change manager (can also be unlocked by .menu)
- Armor/Weapon/Jewel shop up to A grade
- Misc shop with various goods
- Npc shop with S-grade recipes
- PvP Shop (pvp coins)
- Rb Shop (raid token)
- Global gatekeeper
- Delevel manager
- Sell shop


- Main town will be Aden
- Olympiad town Talking Island


- Ketra farming zone: Imperial Tomb with mobs getting slightly boosted (hp, damage wise) and drop accordingly on their level
- Varka farming zone: Dark Omen with mobs getting slightly boosted and dropping accordingly (so a group is needed to farm, party buff zone - MP pots allowed)


- Retail like subclass ( Red pipette knife in shop )
- Retail like noblesse


- 2 weeks duration
- +8 Max on weapons
- +6 Max on armors
- Hero weapons equal to +10 S grade


- Shops up to A grade with adena

- Shops with S grade obtainable by materials
- NPC shop with all needed recipes


- Ketra/Varka raids with 8H respawn time +/- 30min
- Ember with 8H respawn time +/- 30min ( Pvp zone )
- Galaxia with 8H respawn time +/- 30min ( Pvp zone )
- Subclass raids with 6H respawn time +/- 30min
- Barakiel with 6H respawn time +/- 30min
- Epic Raids are slightly nerfed ( Epics are under Pvp zones )

- Either Arranged or custom spawn times (Epics are unhealable)
- QA and Zaken are set to level 80
- QA ring and Frintezza necklace -> S grade


There is not enough time to explain every single feature. Guides for gameplay will be posted on start in our forum.

Npc Previews



1BQrcao.pngTYbOLia.pngs0KPMtC.png EJaa3HR.png aOOyxh0.png KNaykFK.png SkHFdgv.png 1iKLext.png JBERiaO.png




Join our forum and win rewards for a smoother gameplay on Lineage II Anarchy !




~ Website ~


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He announced already that there was an adena bug in b grade shop. You could buy a dagger for 5kk and sell it for 6,5kk. Players figured it out in 2 minutes of the launched server.


I will give it another try. Server is back online and characters are wiped. 



Its a pretty nice server stable and balanced. Also the new administration is nice and friendly.

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They still gonna open the server today. Is shame becouse are no good servers :( so lets see if they can make it now.

P.S. Nobility is a shame server, they should close it, using name of Sublimity to attract players is not fair. anyway cya

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FAIL ALREADY 2 PLAYERS WITH A grade in low lvl zones pk whoever tried to farm..and all the others are max c grade. gj corrupted

True... Outlaw keep failing :(


P.S: owners of anarchy = outlaw:( / kazze = outlaw:(

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