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[Share] CounterStrike Server Mods


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AdminMod : http://www.adminmod.org/


Amx Mod  : http://www.amxmod.net/


Amx ModX: http://www.amxmodx.org/


ATAC:  http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=157579


Autoban : http://www.thezproject.org/


Beetlesmod : http://www.beetlesmod.com/


ChickenMod  : http://www.djeyl.net/webstats/dlcount.php?id=dJeyL&url=/files/chickenmod-


LogD    : http://logd.sourceforge.net/


LogMod   : http://www.hlsw.net/?page=logmod_info


Mani Admin Plugin   : http://www.mani-admin-plugin.com/


MatchMod  : http://djeyl.net/m4.php


Metamod    : http://www.metamod.org/


NintendoMod   : http://www.nintendomod.com/


PrivatePlayers  : http://djeyl.net/p2.php


Ptahhotep's Team Balancer   : http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=227369


Respawn  :  http://www.bailopan.net/


StatsMe  : http://www.unitedadmins.com/index.php?p=content&content=statsme


SuperHero Mod   :  http://shero.alliedmods.net/


Ultimate Warcraft 3 (UWC3)   : http://www.mudconnect.com/uwc3/


War3ft    : http://www.war3ft.net/


WebMod : http://djeyl.net/w.php


Description will be added soon .



Credits : www.cstrike.ro



-- last update: 13.April.2009

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Well , Thanks For The Mods But  I Have A Question... Are U FightToTheDeath??


And If You Are , What Happened To Ur Previous Account? Thanks xD

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You can't even post all mods... its imposible xD there are million!


you can find simply best and most mods here:

http://www.amxmodx.org/stats.php - By seeing top mods here
http://www.amxmodx.org/compiler.php  - By searching here mods
http://forums.alliedmods.net/ - By registering and searching for mods/plug-ins here

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