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League Of Legends Season 3 (All You Need To Know To Start)

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[EN][GUIDE] League of Legends Season 3 (all you need to know)
By: Chucky, aka Tessellate(ingame)

I re-updated this post for the third time, one for season 1, and one for season 2.
few days ago WeirdSituation requested me to update this post to one that matches with the current Season 3, so i did.
Hope you enjoy it and find it very usefull
Information has been taking from the ingame client, the net & self knowledge

How to download the game:

Go to: Sign Up <-- Click me
Fill in your Username, Password, Email & Date of Birth.
Dont forget to select the correct Region you would like to play!
Remember, your account login is not your summoner name!
Agree to the Terms of Use, fill in the code and click on the PLAY FOR FREE button.
You're done with the registration and the game will download automaticly.

When you installed the client and updated the patch you can fill in your summoner name. This name will show up in game so give it a good thought.


When you did all this you get to see a message ''want to start tutorial'', click on decline.
Then you go to the PLAY button in the middle of your client.

Go to tutorials, and click on the Basick Tutorial(1), if you did that you can click on launch.
All the basics of League of Legends will be explained to you.

After you're done with the basic tutorial, start the Battle Training.
All the basics of battling will be explained to you here.

I highly recommend to play the tutorial if you are a beginner.
It will show you how to earn gold ingame, how to autoattack minions and champions and how to purchase items ingame.w
If you dont play the tutorial, you will enter the game with 0% knowledge and you have no idea what to do.

Ingame Basics
For the people who are to lazy to do the tutorial, even tho i highly recommend them.

The Lanes
The Top Lane - is referred to as “Top”
The Middle Lane - is referred to as “Mid”
The Bottom Lane - is referred to as “Bot”

The Stats
Ability Power - When ability power (AP) increases the damage dealt by AP scaling abilities (Green)
Armor - When armor is increased it reduces the damage taken from enemy’s auto attacks.
Attack Damage - When attack damage (AD) increases the more damage your champion will do with their auto attacks, and increases the damage of AD scaling abilities (Orange)
Attack Speed - When attack speed is increased your champion will auto attack faster, up to a cap of 2.5 attacks per second!
Dodge - When dodge is increased it increased the odds that you will dodge an enemy attack (This stat has been removed and is only available with the champion Jax)
Health - When health is increased it increases the amount of life you champion has
Health Regen - When health regen is increased it makes you regenerate life faster
Life Steal - When life steal increases you gain a percentage of your damage dealt by auto attacks back as life.
Mana - When mana is increased your champions mana is brought up, mana is used by most champions to cast spells
Mana Regen - When mana regen is increased it makes you regenerate mana faster
Magic Resist - When magic resist is increased it reduces the damage taken from enemy abilities.
Movement Speed - When movement speed increases it makes your champion move faster

The Roles
Tank - The tank is exactly what it sounds like, a tank. A tank is a champion who take take a beating and keep going, they are meant to take the damage for the rest of team. The usually build up Health, Health Regen, Armor, Magic Resist, etc and are not meant to deal damage.
Support - A support champion is one that helps the team out. Providing such things as buffs and healing.
AD Carry - A champion that is meant to dish out damage using their auto attacks and AD scaling abilities
AP Carry - A champion that is meant to dish out damage with their AP scaling abilities.
Jungler - A champion that stays in the jungle during the game and levels up through the jungle creeps. For an effective jungler the team must have a good champion that can solo a lane

The Heads Up Display
The LoL HUD contains five major parts, this will show up in the right corner ingame.
The Map - Located at the bottom right of your screen the map. A pretty self explanatory part of the HUD, shows the map and what you and your team can see. Teammates appear in a green circle and enemies in a red circle.
Abilities Bar - Located at the bottom center of your screen, the abilities bar contains all of your champions abilities. Lets go over them left to right. First is the passive, then come your QWER abilities then your summoner spells followed by the recall spell. It also shows you your life and under that your mana. (Some champions dont use mana, most do however)
Score Card - Located at the top right of your screen the score card says how long the game has been going, along with your team's score in green, the enemies score in red and the amount of minion kills you have
Chat Box - Located on the left side of your screen this shows the chat feed or the game. By clicking ENTER you can talk to your team, by holding SHIFT then clicking ENTER you can talk to everyone in the game
Champion Box -The champion box is located on the bottom left of your screen and it shows a picture of your champion, your champion's stats, the items you currently have, and the amount of gold you have.

The Basic Controls
Movement and Attacking - Moving you champion is, by default, set as the right mouse button. This same button is used to attack other champions or minions. When you right click on one of them your champion will begin auto attacking dealing damage with your AD stat
Using Abilities - Using abilities, by default, is set to Q, W, E and R. Q, W, and E being your basic abilities and R being your champion's ultimate ability. Your ultimate ability is usually your champion's most powerful ability and should not be wasted because they tend to have long cool down times before you can use them again. Many abilities you need to click on the hotkey then left click to use. This is so that you can aim and choose who the ability is used on! All abilities can be used by clicking on the icon but it is better and quicker to just use the hotkeys!
Summoner Spells - Your summoner spells are abilities that can be use with any champion, you unlock more as you level up, you can only use 2 per game. The are set by default to D and F. Which is which is up to you you can place an ability as either D or F
Your Passive - Your passive ability you do not need to click on anything to use, it is active the whole time or activates by itself. Each champion has one passive ability and they range from slows to making teammates around you faster or gain more gold. They vary but usually are quite helpful!


At League of Legends you have 4 difirent maps.
At Summoners Rift, Twisted Tree Line & Howling Abyss maps its the goal to destroy the base.
At The Crystal Scar its the goal to get as many capture points as possible and declare diminion over your enemies.

Summoner's Rift
Summoners rift is a 5v5 based Map type.
Here you have a top lane, bot lane and a mid lane.
In early stages of levels you usealy have top lane 2 players, bot lane 2 players and mid lane 1 player.
When you get higher levels you will also have a Jungler who will destroy monsters and try to help you in your lane by killing the enemy(ganking)
In summoner's rift you have to destroy 3 turrest until you can destroy 1 inhibiator
if you destroyed an inhibiator you will spawn superminions.
But don't forget to protect your own turrets aswell, its as much important to protect your own turrets then kill the enemies turrret.
If you killed the inhibiator, you can go and try to destroy the last 2 turrets left before you can destroy their main base.
If you destroyed their main base, the game is over.

Twisted Tree Line
Twisted Tree Line is a 3v3 based Map type.
Here you only have a top lane and bot lane.
Most of the time top lane have 1 player, and bot lane will have 2 players.
Here you only have to destroy 2 turrets before you can destroy the inhibiator to spawn super minions.
But don't forget to protect your own turrets aswell, its as much important to protect your own turrets then kill the enemies turrret.
If you destoyed their inhibiator, you can go for the last turret that protects their main base.
If you destroyed the main base, the game ends.

The Crystal Scar
The Crystal Scar is a 5v5 based map type.
Here you dont have turrets and bases, but here you have capture points.
Here you have to capture as many capture points and try to defend them.
With 2 or more capture points the health of the enemy goes down.
When it hits 0, the game is over.

Howling Abyss
The Howling Abyss is a All Random All Mid type map.
You only have 1 lane, where you will compete with all 4 teammates against your enemies.
If you start a match you cant choose a champion, the champion will choose you!
Here you have 4 turrets, 1 inhibitor & a base, destroy the base to win the game.

PvP, Co-op vs. All & Costum:

At PvP you have multiple options, Classic Summoner's Rift(5v5), Classic Twisted Treeline(3v3), Dominion The Crystal Scar(5v5) ARAM(5v5).
Also you will see that you have Normal & Ranked game types if you play Classic type maps.
The ranked games you cant play yet, you have to get level 30(max level) until you can play Ranked Matches.
If you go for Classic or Dominion normal you can choose between 2 options: Blind & Draft pick. Here you play versus real players.
In blind pick all 10 summoners can pick champions at the same time, and the same champions can be played.
In Draft pick you will need atleast unlocked 15 champions, and in this draft pick you have the option to ban out champions. Also there can be only 1 of the same champion in 1 game.
Then you will get to the last option, will you play Solo(alone) or Duo(with friends).
If you play solo it will automaticly serach an game for you, if you play DUO, you have to invite atleast 1 friend to start a match with him/her.

Co-op vs. All
In co-ops vs. All you play with Your own team(real players) vs. Bots.
You also have the option between Classic & Dominion. For Classic you can only play the Summoner's Rift(5v5)
Then you get the option of Beginner or Intermediate. This will decide against the level of bots you are playing.

Here you can create your own games, or join someones game. This is completely off-charges of any gamestats. So perfect for extra champion training.
Here you can play 5v5, 4v4, 3v3, 2v2, 1v1, or even go solo in a game. With real players, or with bots, thats up to you.



Click on the person icon.
Here you can see your Level, Ranked stats, Match History, Champions, Runes, Masteries, Summoner spells, Search for other Summoners & Search for Ranked Teams.


Here you can view in what division or tier you are playing currently. This is only for level 30+ summoners.
You need 100 points to qualify for your division series and then you need to win 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5 games to rank up.
If you look at the right you see your name and top played champions, if you click on See More Stats then you can also view your stats in season 1 & 2.

Match History
Here you can see your last 10 matches you played. It will show your k/d and your victory/defeats.
And if you click on the match what you wanna see, you will see all the stats what happend that match.

This option is very very very usefull!
Here you can see every champion there is on League of Legends
The gray/black/white ones are the ones which you dont have yet
The colored ones with a blue mark in the left top of the image are the ones who are free to play this week(this will change every week)
The colored ones without a blue mark are the ones who you can play all the time(the ones you bought)
On the left side of your Client screen you can see an extra option. Search for what ever you need / like to play, and click on that champion image.
A whole new screen opens, here will the champion be explained and you wil get tips for how to play this champion, or how to play against this champion.

Here you see 2 pages with alot of empty spaces. For thsi i will make a special subject later on because its pretty damn important!
This will make wins or loses when you are level 30 and play ranked matches.

Your masteries are very usefull, and you will have to change them every time you play a match.
For every level you get you can fill up 1 more pint. If you are level15 you can fill up 15points etc etc.
Also here you see difirent images. Every image has a difirent meaning. Hold your mouse on the image, and it will tell you exactly what its good for.
Create your own special and unique mastery page and maybee you create a new meta.


Also this is very usefull, and you will also have to change these things every time you play a match.
If you are level one, you dont have many choises yet, you will have a few spells, but every time you level up you learn new spells. Until level12, then you will have them all.
Click on the image and it will explain you what it is, and wat it does.


Item Sets
Here you can create your costum buildset that you can view ingame.
Like for example creating a page for a midlaner, where you could add 4 blocks as: Starter items, Early game, Midg game, Late game.
Drag your items to the correct block and set the page for any champion and map. if you go ingame you can click on the correct item set and use it.
This is usefull because then you dont have to waste time ingames searching for items, and time is gold.

Summoner Search
If you type in a summoners name you can watch his/her profile, its usefull if you see someone good ingame and try to find out what runes/masteries he is using!

Shop, Influence Points(IP) & Riot Points(RP)

For every match you play you will get Influcen Points. The 1st victory of the day gives something extra.
for the rest its based on how long the game takes and if you win/lose the match and what your k/d ratio is.

For riot points you will have to donate. For this go to the shop and press on Purchase RP
With Riot points you can unlock everything you want, and dont need to wait for the Influence points.

With Influence points & Riot poitns you can buy many many things. For this go to the shop.
Click the treasure chest with coins to open it.

Gifting Center
Here you can give your friend a fight, unlock a champion/skin or purchase rp for him.
First you have to select which friend, make sure you choose the right one, and then what do you want to unlock for him.
Champions can be unlocked with IP & RP, skins cost RP, and buying RP obviously cost real money.

Here you can see whats new, and what is in sale and how long the sale will last.

Here you can buy Champions. Every champion has his own price in IP and RP.
Most of the time the newest champions are the most expensive. If you dont wanna pay the price you could wait long enough and his cost value will drop.
This can be bought with IP and RP.

Here you can buy special skins for your champion, but first you need to unlock the champion before purchasing a skin.
The special skin will show ingame to everyone, and give something extra's to the game.
This can only be bought with RP.

Ward Skins
Here you can buy ward skins. Costum skin for wards. You know, those green & pink you NEED to buy ingames.
Everyone same as champion skins will be able to see it.
This can only be purchased with RP.

Summoners Icons
Its like the same thing as a skin, but not for a champion or wards. but this is for your profile.
You can buy costum summoner icons and it will show up in loading screen & your profile.
This can only be bought with RP.

Here you can buy runes. You have different tiers in runes. Tier1, Tier2 & Tier3.
This will be an important aspect of the game later on when you go for rankeds.
i will explain them later on in this guide for you, just keep reading.
This can be bought with IP and RP.

Here you can buy boosts. like 10-win-IP or 3-day-XP.
this is if you cant wait long enough to be level 30 or you cant wait to have enough IP for a champion or runepage.
This can only be bought with RP.

Bundles are something special. Thi can only be purchased with riot points, and the cost alot.
But they are also pretty worthy to purchase, you unlock emediatly a whole bundle of champions, and somethings with skins. That depends on the pack you purchase.
If you find a usefull bundle to purchase, but you already have few champions in that list, don't worry. Riot dont let you pay for that, they will reduce the cost.
This can only be bought with RP.

Here you an transfer to another region, change your summoners name, buy extra rune pages.
Transfers & Name changes cost RP, Rune Page can be bought with IP & RP.

If you are lucky enough to get a code, you can enter the code here.
This normaly gives you free skins or ip boosts. These codes can be given away only by rioters themselfs.
Sometimes rioters give it to known streamers so they can give it away to players, so if you got lucky watch stream sometimes and be the lucky one.

Here you can see what you have been buying the last 30 days.
Also if you are unhappy with a skin you bought, or you diddnt liked to play the champion you recently purchased, you can all refund it here, and get your IP/RP back.


After a long wait we reached the rune part.
Runes are very needed when you start playing ranked. Do not start ranked games when you dont have a complete rune page.

When you start with League of Legends you will have 2 rune pages in your profile, When you reached level 30 you recieve a third and free rune page from riot.

From level 1 you can buy Tier 1 runes, from level 10 you can buy Tier 2 runes and from level 20 you can buy Tier 3 runes. Personaly i suggest just to level up without runes, and buy full Tier 3 pages when you hit level 20.
By experiance trough level 1 - level 20 you will learn what is the best for the champion/position you play.
Also you can view on alot of websites/forums what proplayers use and use those pages. But you can also create a new and unique page that work and by that create a new meta for the game.

You have 4 different runes: Marks(red), Glyphs(blue), Seals(yellow) and Quintessences(purple).
Marks are the cheapest, and Quintessences are the most expensive but gives you the most stats aswell
every different rune has his own special thing. like Marks give you Offensive stats, Seals defensive & Glyphs give you Utility stats.
Make sure you watch all runes before purchasing.

So if you bought the runes in the shop you can go to your profile to add them in the rune page.
Click on Profile - Runes and click every rune you bought and they will automaticly adapt in your page
Before you leave your profile make sure you save your last runepage. Otherwise it wont stick.


Spectator Mode:
In spectator mode you can watch your friends playing games, and you can watch the high division players playing their games.
In the upper left corner of your client you see this:

Here you have 5 games you can choose of to spectate.
This can be usefull because you see high ranked playes play champions how they should be played.
If you wanna spectate your friends for fun you just right click on their names in your friendlist and lick on spectate.

Common language in Games

I will explain some of the few basic words that will show up ingames what you might not have heard of.
AD - means Attack Damage
ADC - means you play the Attack Damage Carry role
AP - means Ability Power
AFK - means Away from Keyboard
AoE - means Area of Effect Damage
Babysit - means that the jungler constantly search up your lane
Bait - means to lure your enemy in a trap
Base - means Nexus
Blue - means bluebuff
Bush - means the tall grass in which champions can hide
Burst - means the large amount of damage being dealt in a short time
Bot - means you playi n the bot lane
Care - means to be carefull for a possible gank or any other kind of danger
CC - means Crowd Control
CD - means Cooldown
CDR - means Cooldown Reduction
Chase - means to pursue an enemy champion as they're running away
Creeps - means monsters and minions
CS - means Creap Score
DC - means Disconnected
Face check - means a champion going into a brush to see if there is an enemy without having vision
Fed - means that a champion becoming very powerful after taking multiple kills on a champion
Feed - means to repeatedly die to a champion giving them gold and experience
GG - means Good Game
GJ - means Good Job
HF - means Have Fun
Jungle - means you will play in the jungle
Kite - means continuously backing away and attacking the enemy champion in such way that the enemy is damaged while unable to deal damage back
KS - means Kill Steal
MIA - means Missing in Action
Mid - means you play in the mid lane
Miss - means Enemy champion is missing in the lane
OMW - means On My Way
OOM - means Out of Mana
OP - means Overpowered
Rage - means that a players frustration is bigger then his skills
Ragequit - means the rage player left the game
Red - means Redbuff
Sup - means you play the Support role
SS - means a short term of Miss
Top - means you play in the top lane
TP - means Teleport
WP - means Well Played
Zone - means a tactic used to prevent enemy champion from gaining gold/experience

Closing Word

I hope by this i've learned you the basics of the game.
This game is fun, and never gets boring.
Any thanking word in the comments will do me a pleasure
Thanks for reading and i'll see you in Season 4!

SIGN UP NOW! <-- Click me

By: Chucky, aka Tessellate(ingame) Edited by Chucky
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