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  1. Current server : L2Sanity -> GO: 05.02.2021 Salutări!Pentru comunitatea de români care încă se mai joacă Interlude High Rates, anunț că voi începe recrutarea pentru renaște clanul pe care l-am pornit împreună cu câțiva prieteni apropiați în urmă cu 6 ani pe L2damage.Dorim membri care ne vor urma chiar și după ce vom ieși după acest server, membri stabili și loiali cu care să ajungem la un nivel la care coordonarea, assistul și repoziționarea să fie stăpânite foarte bine.Avem membri care pot juca orice clase, însă pentru acest server avem un Line-up pre-definit. Suntem în principal în c
  2. T/C , i have found someone already. Issue solved! Staff members can delete this post.
  3. Hello there! I am an old L2 player but this post has nothing to do with the L2 actually... I am working on a fitness & nutrition blog and i need a logo for it. I am looking for a person who is skilled and creative and knows how to work with Corel. The reason i need the crest to be made in Corel or same kind of software is that i need it to be made via vectors,not pixels since i will print it on clothes and other stuff. I am paying for your work of course, right now the logo is the only thing i am missing in order to start the advertising campaign on social media for my blog.
  4. Close topic please,i found what i needed.
  5. As the title says,i am recruting people for a new clan on L2MegaPvP.com , a brazilian server with huge population,high-rate server. I am trying to make an archer clan and at the moment,we are trying to farm sets for our current members.Also,to mention,i need people who can use Discord and speak well english.Requirements for: ARCHERS : - to know how to play good with assist/follow on MA. - medium to high performance pc with a decent internet connection,so they wont fall behind the party because of fps/lag spikes. SUPPORTS ( Bishop/Warlord/Dominator) :
  6. Hello people! I'm trying to remake my clan and i will need all the help i can get.By my side,stands bogaS,my co-leader,an experienced player that plays with me for more than 4years.We started this clan in Octomber 2014 and since then we managed to get good players in clan,we trained them so they know how to behave in teamfights,and we acomplished many successes(Video from L2Mora in signature below.LoL+CS1.6 videos on my YouTube channel : pqTeSTpq). All the time we played in inferiority,disconsidered and offended by other clans,but hey,can't be loved by everybody.At the moment we decided to j
  7. + pqTeSTpq LoL Moments Vol. 2 2015 -> Brand new !
  8. dayum..a lot to read,but still nice features.
  9. Im definetly gonna try this chronicle.New shit for me :0
  10. Check my YouTube channel for various games videos.Recently i decided i will start to make videos of the higlights on every game i play. So in my signature you got 2 videos,few more w8ing when you visit my channel. Subscribe,Like&Share ! Cheers !