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[Exploit]CS 1.6 Non-steam server hacking.

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So I post old CS exploit  8)


First u need Active Perl - http://rapidshare.com/files/11499556/ActivePerl-

Installing allways press YES.  ;D

When installation is done we needs one little file, it's a perl script (.pl) ::)

[script] Hacking server with password - http://rapidshare.com/files/9009476/cs.rar.html

[script] Hacking server without password - http://rapidshare.com/files/11498586/cs.rar.html

Copy downloaded Script (cs.pl) and paste in to C:\perl\bin directory


Now we start hacking  ;D

Go to START->Run->CMD

When black window was opens you should write write cd C:\perl\bin"

Server without password script:

Write perl cs.pl server_ip (server_ip is your custom CS server) like this "perl cs.pl 88.222.333.111" or u can write and port, like this "perl cs.pl 88.222.333.111:27015"

Server with password script:

Write perl cs.pl server_ip port password like this "perl cs.pl 88.222.333.111 27015 cspsw"

If you done screen was be like this  :)


If server no have security he's gone to offline  :D


Sorry for my bad english...  ::)





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Histox, please read the rules. Only english is allowed.

Take care the next time...

sorry :/ next time ill PM

EDIT: :D lol this is wery old. now half servers have protection... btw i added one in cs general disscus

topic :D

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