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[Share] Legendary Dyes For L2J - Interlude

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I know I was late to share new items, but I had a problem with my Internet Connection, so I couldn't upload anything. Now the problem is solved, so I can share many new items again...




...::: Information :::...


I had seen these dyes in a server named L2 Genesis. This server has been closed 1 year now, so I didn't take the files from it's patch.


I like C5, because it's the first Chronicle I've played and I want to share everything was existed in it and is not existed in Interlude. However, all the shares I've made are created from the beginning and I have NEVER used a patch to create a share.


Anyway, these dyes may be worn in Hair. As I remember, the ones that L2 Genesis was using, were worn in Face. I made this small change, because there are much more accessories for Face, than for Hair and it would be a shame to make them useless.





...::: Screenshots :::...





























...::: Download Links :::...


Mirror 1   ---->  RapidShare.com  <----


Mirror 2   ---->  4Shared.com  <----


Mirror 3   ---->  Megaupload.com  <----




#####  Credits: Kazeno  #####

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hy i know thet server L2 Genesis buti want weapon glow if u know .... thet big glow .(when servaer waz c5)( sorry for my english)


thats OFF-Topic.


warned. take care.

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