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[help]access command



how can i make the command admin_admin for 2 access levels?



<admin command="admin_admin" accessLevel="7" />

access lvl now 7 for command //admin

how make it to 7 and 4?

i try

<admin command="admin_admin" accessLevel="7,4" />

not working..

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Well, if you set it to 7, everyone from 1 to 7 access will have permission to dat command :)

it depends on a pack, maybe his dont have such feature. Otherwise the case is a bit more complicated

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You should consider access rights as clan priviledges on L2 ; higher is the rank, higher are the unlock.


Reconsider your policy or develop it your way, which means you have to edit all existing accesses aswell.


You would have to parse accessLevel differently, like putting a List for every created command.

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