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Nice look the mxc mods look


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i report someone and what?? they warn me...





You have received a warning for insulting other users and/or staff members. Please cease these activities and abide by the forum rules otherwise we will take further action.



The MaxCheaters.com Team.





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[gr]po panta toso prixteis eisai? pane bges kamia bolta. ty mpogo




omg den milaw ston anarcy ston xontro ton elfo milaw... o An4rchy  petaxtyke san.... sta @@ m kai nai eimai migiagkixtos gt xalane ta 2 -leeching-ia doulia. ante mhn gamhsw kamia manoula  ela pes 3ana ma8e na sebese kai -beep-ies. a kai kanto lock mhn 3exaseis paparia m aresei p se lene justice

And now I will ban you.

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