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Fixation on соулшотам and spirit шотам

Implemented reboot configs

Added Reload Menu

update Gregory in Goddard

Now, if you're in мосе without weapons - you do not beat mobs, plus implemented мессаджы мобам

At restart or shutdown the server does not need to close the client. Players then not понятках of what happened (Thx RuleZzz)

Темплайт for Gregory

Update Subclass of the class

When creating a character he now has a full CP MP and 0 CPU оффу

At the Door should not be displayed CP fixed

Tweaked the passage to the Валакасу Were mixed up the door

corrected автоизучение skills should now complete their education up to the end of the

Added config on Неизучение skills from the list when the ignition is turned автоизучении

Fixed path bark {censorship} of runes in глудин and back, of the runes in Dino and back

Implementation of Partymatching (Search for groups)

Adding the missing methods and system messages

Sub sub now when you add Saba immediately activated

Made the ban on talking to NPC sitting

Added the missing tables for which the GS drives errors

Updated Mysql Connector. Add the lib commons-lang.



Added config to the balance of the classes.

Changed the expansion of the config files in the ini.

Correction of Mana Potion (Previously was a stupor in the character's Union).

Admin teleport through Alt+G (As in PTS) (Thx Mr.Shyr).

In the absence of the quest NPCs now displays a message about the absence of conditions.

Over the correct calculation of отмытия karma and time подвисания flag over the attackers and атакуемым if he said. (Thx Mr.Shyr).

With фредли mobs should not drop the experience and skill points. Fixed a mechanism.

Fixed a walking/running at startup, removed mode fishing immediately after receipt of heroism (the player sat fish), fixed aura Hiro, fixed equipment

In Moz-e and in Пагане fall crystals, with protection from darkness/light, and the attribute of the light/dark. (Thx Uzola)

Update the library l2jserver геймсервера and логинсервера, the entire configuration (GS and Ls) (Plus add new config Balance), folder skills, npc.sql, the data folder/scripts/items and file list.cfg in the scripts folder.

The main work was on the "core". PD is not much affected by it.



When using варехаус window энчанта should be closed

Arrow should after purchase if wearing a bow get to him

Fixed a dup with anti таргетом.

Added the missing package npcInfo.

All NPC when you press the quest, in the absence of the quest, now opens the dialog: "I have no tasks for you right now".

Fix дюпа adena with the Auction

Fix the exploit with the ability to put the damned weapon in the warehouse through l2phx

Fix skill Cleanse.

Fixed the exploit on trade arguments of arms with the freight.

Fixed an exploit in terms of safe point.

Completely Rewritten class master

Added config to display the window of the taking of there by finishing in achieve veneer 20/40/76

Fixed ерроры configs



At the entrance to the catacombs in the dialogue of the ziggurat is written "I want to go out," and must "I want to go" (thx Enraged)

Hot Springs-existing buffs, and should be дебафами.

skills are:

Rollback depends on caste, but should on the speed of the attack


Sonic Move


Heroic Miracle

Heroic Berserker (Thx Enraged)

Skill Sonic Buster and Force Burst hits just around you, and should be the target and the spell must podbegat to the goal. (thx Enraged)

Rollback skills on the allies in the beginning of the fight and at the end (you need a test)

Adding a Premium System (you need a test):


# L2RT Premium System


# This is the configuration Premium System!

# Give heroic glow Premium players? There are skills or status of a hero, only

# Heroic glow

VipHasHeroShine = True

# Color of the title and nick for Premium players.

# You can find more colors here: http://html-color-codes.com/

VipsNameColor = FFFFFF

VipsTitleColor = FFFFFF

# Skills provided premium players. They are not stored in the database.

# Player will recive them at Enterworld

# Format: skillid, skilllevel; skillid, skilllevel;

VipsSkills = 1068,3; 1045,6

#Modifiers рейтов for Premium players

RateXpVip = 1.

RateSpVip = 1.

RateDropAdenaVip = 1.

RateDropItemsVip = 1.

RateDropItemsByRaidVip = 1.

RateDropSpoilVip = 1.

Plus minor edits associated with a variety of minor deficiencies.

Also added the point stack (issued in the config, опционал)



Fix effects, such Heal (displaying the number of CP in systems chat)

Fix effects, such ManaHeal?

Fix effects, such SummonFriend?(you cannot summon in combat (both themselves and the purpose which in the battle)

Fix OlympiadGame?(now when you teleport to the stadium сбарсывает flag with пресонажей)

Fix the Characters of the cursed sword cannot be баффать/take in pati

Fix quest TheZeroHour?

Fix package AddTradeItem?

Fix since the Chronicles of the C4 Characters дворяни have an increase of 4% of the damage in pvp.

Adjustments in the classroom OlympiadGame?

Added package TradeUpdate?

Added package ExOlympiadUserInfoSpectator?

Optimization of tables Game and Login servers to restart.

Кофиг the permission/prohibition of sharpening and change сабкласса during Shutdown/Reboot? server.

Correction of coordinates in the character перезаходе in the game after he fell under the texture.

Added config on the maximum value of the object after which persanazh will be thrown out of the game (is applied to it DefaultPunish?, standard kick from the server)

Added package ExShowScreenMessage?

Deferred Spaun (NPC спаунятся with a delay after the load of the server)

Config to display the time the server when entering player

Configure the Maximum running speed

The config file to add to the speed of the running all classes.

The config file for rollback of the buffs on Olympus

Fix mobs in Мосе not агрятся the characters without weapons, as they complain and attack those who are with weapons.



1) fixed a bug with skill Salvation & Phoenix Blessing (when they filmed the whole buff in case of refusal of the resurrection, even if hung ноблес).

2) fixed a bug with capture of 2 equally сабов.

3) Removed zero number of colors remaining in the inventory after application.

4) fixed skill Banish Seraph (only worked as a mass).

5) Added a new package SkillCoolTime.

6) fixed the inability to activate the auto use of breast not in accordance grade weapons and breast.

7) Added a new type of target: TARGET_ANGEL.

8.) reworked all of Tatu, previously had a lot of errors with details, confusion.

9) reduced the chance of overlapping debuffs Hot Springs, now the chance is equal to 15%

10) fixed the skill Force Meditation (used without charge)

11) Иправлен skill Fist Fury (earlier gave the speed of attacks of all types of weapons, now only кастетам)

12) Removed the message You are not behind target when using the Backstab in the face or side (In the reconciliation with PTS - this message is not found)

13) fixed a critical bug associated c HP Monster's.

14) Removed one of the versions of the VIP system only creates a burden, already has a slightly different version, I think it отлаженнее



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It have huge bugs like oly don't work or somthing like that? Or just minor problems on skills/balance?


I didn't tested it , but i think bugs are minors , because that's a good project . Anyway , can be hard to fix  them .


TODO :Should compile/test the pack .

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I didn't tested it , but i think bugs are minors , because that's a good project . Anyway , can be hard to fix  them .


TODO :Should compile/test the pack .

Good, I'm gonna try this pack on a live server and I will come back later with feedback

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