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Full Buffed In Events/olympiad :)


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Heyo, Figured I might aswell just make a topic about something I used to do in servers with NPC buffers, it's not gonna take much effort and it's not 100% even if it's a server where it works :P

Simple steps:

1. Regg for oly/event

2. Wait for the countdown to get to like...10 :P

3. Keep waiting lol...get ready...3...2...1

4. Press Auto-Buff/Scheme/ (Whatever you use on the server you play on ) right after it says 1 and before you get TPed

5. BOOM, as most servers cancels your buffs RIGHT BEFORE you get ported it will work if you time it correctly.


Got banned a couple of times for doing it in oly but well :P Atleast I had fun with Hero for a couple of days x]

The Oly part might not work in later chronicles such as Freya where I think you get canceled after the TP but well...


Hope I didn't double post or sumthing like that, tried to search for it without any luck....Spent about 53 seconds searching but still :P






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